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Obesa Cantavit!

Posted by dentalinsider on December 31, 2008

After much debate, Associate Q and myself have decided that this will be the Dental Insider’s last post. Q and I have discussed this for the last few months, and we have decided that we no longer have the time nor the passion to continue to write for the Dental Insider.

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Associate Q’s Final Thoughts…

Before we sign off, and move on to new adventures, I would like to first like to stop and thank The Dental Insider for providing a great forum for people to find important information and also for providing me a soapbox for which to stand, and shout when necessary. This blog is a time consuming project to manage and DI has provided hours upon hours of his personal time to keep information fresh, posts clean and everything in perfect order. This in addition to all of the time tracking down details, triple checking data before posting and talking to people across this industry. Thank you Dental Insider for your hard work and for keeping things going for so long.

Now on to my final thoughts. In all my years I don’t think I have ever seen this industry so screwed up as it is right now. It is the underlying foundation that troubles me, and those responsible for insuring the stability of this industry are asleep at the wheel. I am in touch more with the laboratory side of this industry, so I can not speak in great detail about the dentist side of things. But the lab business is in complete disarray. It is upside down, inside out and totally screwed up.

Whether you want to look at the offshore influence, the scam we all call CAD/CAM, the lack of education or the lack of young technicians who want to learn, this industry has problems. Primarily these problems are created due to one main reason. Dental laboratories refuse to band together to create a strong central voice that can speak for the industry. The NADL/NBC is a joke and more techs are dropping their CDT status due to the costs and hassles than ever before. The ADA does not want things to change, because it might cost them a few more dollars if the technicians making their white Chicklets were actually educated, licensed and had passed some sort of tests.

So while some may think that allowing the industry to remain like the Wild West is a good thing, I disagree. I am by no means for big government, and I don’t like Big Brother looking over my shoulder. But if there was ever a time and a place for governmental regulation it is here and now. And not some FDA regulations that nobody understands, I am talking state level regulation. For crying out loud, barbers have to take an exam to cut a person’s hair but your telling me that people who make crowns or dentures that will be implanted into a humans mouth needs no sort of formal training or license. Your telling me anyone can open a dental lab, go get a few clients and sell them a custom fabricated dental prosthesis?

The future of the industry rests on the shoulders of every laboratory owner and technician. That is a frightening reality. Even scarier, the solution exists in unity.

Looking back I can say that it has been a fun few years. Contributing to this blog has been at times a release. To share what I know with the world and uncover a few secrets has been exciting. This last post is no secret, and I think everyone will agree something has to change or there will be a lot of jobs lost, businesses gone, lives changed for the worse and an overall shift that will send this industry further into a downward spiral.

So speak up. Demand more. Demand better. Join your state group. Make a change. Don;’ just talk about it, be about it. Tell your congressman that the NADL does not speak for every dental lab and they barely speak for 10% of the labs in the USA. Push for registration. Push for regulation. Push for education.

Or leave it to the next generation to sort out, if there is a next generation.

Goodbye and farewell.

Associate Q

Dental Insider’s Final Thoughts…

Since I started this blog in March of 2006, we have had 280 posts covering a wide variety of subjects, and 847 comments from our readers. We have grown the readership from 1 to well over 300 readers per day, from over 35 countries around the world. I started this blog because there was not one place for a dental sales rep to find out about new products, product recalls and general industry information. I would like to think that we accomplished that goal. Dental Sales Pro will now carry that torch.

We have made many friends along our incredible journey together. We broke some big stories and had some fun along the way. We have a few people that we would like to thank…

First, I would like to thank Associate Q for his writing and support along the way, he provided a perspective on the industry that I could not have. Second, Paul Dutra and CRS, Paul became a sponsor in late 2007 and has continued his sponsorship through the very end. Next I would like to thank my guests on the podcast…Shawn Nowak of Nowak Dental, Teresa Duncan of The Dental Implant Blog and Paul Dutra of CRS, Cassette Repair and Alignment Service.

We would also like to thank all of our sources, whether you knew you were a source or not, we appreciate everything you shared with us. We would also like to thank all of our commentors, who added and enhanced many of our stories with their own unique insights. We made many friends over the last 33 months and I would like to thank the following people for their support and friendship over the years…DSP of Dental Sales Pro, Greg “Flap” Cole of Flap’s Blog, Joe and Nancy Sakaduski of Sakaduski Marketing, Dr. John Flucke of the Dental Technology Blog, the folks over at the Pharmafraud blog, Dr. David Dodell of, Linda Zdanowicz of the Exceptional Dental Practice Management Blog, Brian Taylor and First Impressions Magazine, our friends at WordPress, Libsyn and the Blubrry Network.

Most of all…we want to thank, YOU, our readers and listeners. Without all of you, this site would be just another blog in the blogoshere that nobody reads.

It has been both Associate Q and I’s pleasure to be able to write, share and interact with all of you.

I will be leaving this site up indefinitly, for you to use as reference, the podcast site will stay up until January 31, 2009, so be sure to head over there and download all of your favorite episodes. I will continue to be active over a Dental Sales Pro and you can also follow me on Twitter. I have been offered the opportunity to guest blog on a couple of sites, which I may do in the future.

Once again, Associate Q and myself want to thank you for reading the Dental Insider.

Obesa Cantavit – The fat lady has sung!

DI and Associate Q


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Magazine Exposes Free and Affordable Dental Care Opportunities

Posted by dentalinsider on December 23, 2008

Millions uninsured who can’t afford dentistry seek for free or affordable dental care opportunities. Online magazine regularly informs about ways of free and affordable dental care available.

Recent surveys show that average person cannot afford to pay thousands of dollars for necessary dental treatment and about a third of Americans do not have dental insurance, so they may never begin dental treatment. Only free dental clinics may save them from bad dental health.

Happily there are dental clinics and dentist in the US that donate free dental care to those who can’t afford it.

“It’s great that some of dentist and clinics grant free dental care to uninsured kids and adults, but it isn’t enough,” says Cristina Afino, editor of Dental Health Magazine. “We are always featuring free and affordable dental care events scheduled and happened anywhere in US and even abroad. Many readers write to us asking to inform about free dental care available in their area and we try to do that,” says Cristina.

Some of dental clinics provide annual free dental care for one day usually before Christmas, but only some hundreds “lucky bargees” are treated these days. Another problem is that many people who can’t afford expensive dental treatment get know about free dental care opportunities after they was already happened. Though there is no deficit in persons interested in free dental care many needy stay uninformed.

“There are many ways to affordable dental care”, explains Cristina, “many people even do not realize, that dentist living next door can offer a free dental care today, that dentistry school or college near you can offer services at a discount, and even that you can save more than 50% flying abroad for dental care.” set a goal: to inform readers about as many ways of affordable dental care as possible.

“We are happy that tens of thousands people per month visiting our magazine have opportunity to learn more about affordable dental care and get healthy teeth,” says Cristina, “We also ask dentists, dental clinics and schools offering free dental care to send us press releases or information to publish it for free in our news section.”

To find more about free and affordable dental care opportunities visit news section: Dental Health Magazine was created for people who take care of their smile, oral and overall health. It writes articles about dental and oral care, discovers ways of free and affordable dental care and exposes all the simple customer need to know to have a healthy teeth and beautiful smile. For more information or suggestions email to or visit



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OHA Gala Tickets Now Online

Posted by dentalinsider on December 5, 2008

Chicago, IL: November 24, 2008- Oral Health America has created an online reservation system for its Annual Gala Dinner and Silent Auction February 26, 2009 at Navy Pier in Chicago, Illinois. Guests may reserve individual seats or tables and can pay with a credit card or select the “bill me” option, which allows for company payments. The event sold out last year, so early reservations are encouraged to avoid disappointment. To reserve tickets, go to

The Oral Health America Gala, held each year during the Chicago Dental Society Midwinter Meeting, is one of the dental industry’s premier networking events. The black tie optional evening features dinner, dancing, and a silent auction.

Sponsors for the 2009 Gala include: Diamond Level ($10,000) sponsors Cadbury Adams USA LLC, Henry Schein Dental, Ivoclar Vivadent, and Patterson Dental; Platinum Level ($5,000) sponsors 1-800-DENTIST, Colgate-Palmolive Co., Mr. and Mrs. Bernard J. Beazley, SciCan, Philips Sonicare, Unilever, and DENTSPLY; and Gold Level ($3,000) sponsors Aetna Dental, Belmont Publications, ConFirm Monitoring Systems, GC America, Midmark, Planmeca, Inc., The Argen Corporation, and Tokuyama. The event raises funds to support educational and service programs designed to improve oral health.

The Oral Health America 19th Annual Gala Dinner and Silent Auction will run from 6:30pm to 11pm on February 26, 2009. Tickets are $285 each ($300 after February 1, if still available); a table for 10 can be purchased for $2,500 ($2,750 after February 1, if still available). For more information, contact Joe Donohue at OHA by calling 312-836-9900 or email him at



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Zhermack to Partner with Dentsply

Posted by dentalinsider on November 25, 2008

November 2008

Dear Clients and Suppliers,

On 24th of November, 2008, ZHERMACK announced that it has entered into a definitive agreement to enter into a partnership with DENTSPLY. The partnership will operate as ZHERMACK, not as DENTSPLY.
Zhermack, thanks to its own know how achieved in the chemical field and the technologies developed through synthesis systems, is today a company which is internationally appreciated for its production of raw materials and impression products, and has attained significant market shares worldwide, distinguishing itself from the major international players present in such a competitive arena.
DENTSPLY designs, develops, manufactures and markets a broad range of products for the dental market. With over $2 billion in annual sales and over 9,000 employees, the Company believes that it is the world’s leading manufacturer and distributor of dental prosthetics, precious metal dental alloys, dental ceramics, endodontic instruments and materials, prophylaxis paste, dental sealants, ultrasonic scalers, and crown and bridge materials; the leading United States manufacturer and distributor of dental handpieces, dental x-ray film holders, film mounts and bone substitute/grafting materials; and a leading worldwide manufacturer or distributor of dental implants, impression materials, orthodontic appliances, dental cutting instruments, infection control products, and dental injectable anesthetics. The Company distributes its dental products in over 120 countries under some of the most well-established brand names in the industry.
In the future, ZHERMACK will maintain unchanged its structure, independence and brand image in the market.

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Instrumentarium Chooses ClikRay Sensor Holders for Its Digital Radiography Systems

Posted by dentalinsider on November 11, 2008

Buffalo Grove, Illinois October 2008. ClikTech, Inc. announced it has designed and built a full line of sensor holders for the new Instrumentarium Snapshot dental sensors. Instrumentarium will provide the sensor holders to its customers with every new Snapshot digital sensor system. ClikRay™ sensor holders are designed to fit most digital sensors. This versatility allows the user to complete a full mouth series of radiographs with only one basic sized instrument.

ClikTech, Inc. CEO Dr. Harold K. Schmulenson comments, “Instrumentarium was looking for a reliable and durable sensor holder for its Snapshot series of sensors. The ClikRay™ “K” Series systems have been designed exclusively to fit Instrumentarium digital sensors.” ClikTech, Inc. was able to fulfill Instrumentarium’s need for top-of-the-line sensor holders based upon its existing revolutionary ClikRay™ sensor holding system. The ClikRay™ system is composed of the Size 2 “U”, Size 0&1, “01”, “K” Series Size 1, 2, and “KV” Vertical, the ClikGuide™ “R” adapter and the ClikGuide “G” universal cone guide ring and rod. The “G” series and “R” adapter fits all ClikRay™ products. ClikTech, Inc. also provides a full line of dental sensor covers available in three sizes to fit all sensors: Size 1, Size 1+2 and Size 2.

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The 10,000 Smiles Project

Posted by dentalinsider on November 5, 2008


SMILE! To Delta Dental and National Head Start Association, It’s Worth $10,000

OAK BROOK, IL (October 27, 2008) – Delta Dental Plans Association today launched “The 10,000 Smiles Project” and aims to collect 10,000 photos of people smiling on its unique microsite at When the 10,000th photo is uploaded, Delta Dental Plans Association will donate $10,000 to the National Head Start Association, its designated philanthropic partner.

“Delta Dental Plans Association created this project as a fun and creative way for people to help us support the National Head Start Association and the young children it serves,” says Tom Dolatowski, marketing vice president at Delta Dental Plans Association.

“As a social media experiment, it takes advantage of the internet to reach out to individuals across the U.S. and encourage them to upload smiling photos of themselves, their children, friends, family, and coworkers,” adds Dolatowski. “And then, we hope, they will forward their personal user page to friends, family, and coworkers, so they will add their photos too and help us reach our 10,000 smile goal.”

Social media, in this case, refers to Delta Dental’s unique microsite where people can share their photos, and stories about those photos, as a community. Social media in a broader context refers to online tools that empower people engage in conversation and contribute to the collaborative process of content creation. Internet forums, weblogs, wikis, and social media applications such as MySpace, Facebook and YouTube are all good examples of social media networks.

The 10,000 Smiles Project builds upon Delta Dental Plans Association’s existing partnership with the National Head Start Association. In 2007, the two organizations formed a special alliance to help improve the oral health of some of the nation’s youngest children at a critical time in their development.

Head Start helps the children of low-income families by providing early childhood development services to promote school readiness. These services, such as dental and health care, immunization, social services and a focus on parental involvement make Head Start one of the most successful pre-school programs in the country.

Delta Dental Plans Association and its member companies already support Head Start with volunteer efforts, financial donations, tools, and resources including oral health curriculum and education, supplies, screenings, and preventive care.

The not-for-profit Delta Dental Plans Association ( based in Oak Brook, Ill., is the leading national network of 39 independent dental service corporations specializing in providing dental benefits programs to 51 million Americans in more than 93,000 employee groups throughout the country.



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New Product: Kavo Gentle Mini Lux 4500B Handpiece

Posted by dentalinsider on October 15, 2008

We are pleased to announce that the GENTLEmini LUX 4500B handpiece will be launched at the
ADA in San Antonio, TX. This handpiece features a mini head and high power to address the
issues of patients who have difficulty opening their mouth wide for full oral access. GENTLEmini
operates at a very low decibel level (59 dB). This powerful and amazingly quiet handpiece
reduces high frequency peaks, operating at a low frequency range to protect the operator’s hearing.
The 4500B is part of KaVo’s new top of the line high-speed handpiece family – The Prestige
Collection, selling alongside the best-selling GENTLEsilence LUX 6500B. KaVo will continue
to sell the 659B and 635B handpieces as a part of the Premium collection and the 646B and
636CP as a part of the Classic Collection.
The new KaVo air driven high-speed – 4500B also features a 2 ½ year warranty to guarantee
worry-free performance when maintained with KaVo QUATTROcare. Standard warranty is 2
The GENTLEmini LUX 4500B will be available as of November 3rd, 2008.

GENTLEmini 4500B 1005.0400 $ 1,299.00 MSRP
GENTLEmini 4500B
Operatory Kit (Pack of 3) 1006.9454 $ 3,499.00 MSRP



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Kettenbach to Introduce Silginat® Alginate Alternative to U.S. Market

Posted by dentalinsider on October 9, 2008

Huntington Beach, CA – October 6, 2008 – A new alginate alternative impression material from Kettenbach LP will be introduced to the U.S. dental market next week in Texas.

Kettenbach LP will launch Silginat®, a medium-bodied viscosity, polyvinyl siloxane impression material, during the 2008 American Dental Association Annual Session in San Antonio, TX.

Silginat® is designed for a variety of indications such as: anatomical models, opposing models, fabrication of temporary crown and bridges, fabricating simple removable prosthetic restorations, orthodontic appliances, splints and case study models, or for most purposes where an alginate could be used.

Silginat® was designed with a low-tear resistance to avoid dislodging restorations or orthodontic appliance inadvertently. The material also has a high dimensional stability so model impressions can be kept for weeks and poured multiple times. Silginat® is also highly thixotropic and flows properly under pressure.

Silginat® is available in two delivery systems – 362-mL foil bags for Kettenbach’s Plug & Press® automatic dispenser (5:1 ratio); and 38-mL cartridges (1:1 ratio) with an optimal volume for a single full-arch or two quadrant impressions. The total set time for Silginat®, when dispensed in cartridges, is 2 minutes, 30 seconds. When Silginat® is dispensed in foil bags, it has a total set time of 3 minutes.

The 2008 American Dental Association Annual Session will take place October 16-18, 2008 at the Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center in San Antonio, TX. Kettenbach LP will be located at Booth #1870.

About Kettenbach, LP

Kettenbach LP is located in Huntington Beach, CA, and is a subsidiary of Kettenbach GmbH & Co. KG located in Eschenburg, Germany. Founded in Germany by August Kettenbach in 1944, Kettenbach GmbH was created for the development and marketing of medical and dental products. Today, the company is one of the leading international producers of impression materials for dental use and is also known in other surgical areas of medicine.

For more information about Silginat® alginate alternative or Kettenbach LP, please call 877-KEBA-123 or visit



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Assisting School Program Created by Top Clinician

Posted by dentalinsider on September 17, 2008

EXTON, PA: September 17, 2008— Turnkey Opportunities, Inc. has introduced the TKO™ Dental Assisting School Program, which allows dentists to use their existing facilities to train assistants and generate significant new revenue. The comprehensive program, which was developed by “Top 100” Clinician and educator Jonathan Scharf, DMD, FAACD, provides all the administrative, instructional, and marketing materials needed for running a professional-quality dental assisting school within a dental office. TKO program components, including videos of all class lectures, come pre-loaded on a laptop computer.

The TKO Dental Assisting School Program was developed, tested, and proven by Dr. Scharf, who is a past president of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry. It can be taught by a trained hygienist or assistant and the dentist need not be present during classes. Most practices that have room to seat students (the waiting area will often suffice) and have a day a week or evenings when the practice is closed to patients can qualify to operate the school. Having the program pre-loaded on a laptop makes it easy for the instructor to project the provided PowerPoint slides, print handouts, and access curriculum guides. A Success Manual is also included, which contains valuable advice and insider tips based on Dr. Scharf’s experience running his own highly successful school. The comprehensive program provides virtually everything needed to run a profitable dental assisting school, from a fully functional website to ready-to-print brochures, ads, response letters, typodont teeth, even graduation certificates. All materials come personalized with any school name and address the purchaser chooses.

The TKO Dental Assisting School Program is a proven model that adds prestige to the practice and allows dentists to build business equity. The ROI is exceptional; the program can pay for itself in as few as two classes. Each school is fully owned by the purchaser, so there are no franchise fees or revenue sharing and the dentist is free to set class prices and modify the program, if desired.

TKO is offering exclusive territories (where the company will not sell additional schools) in selected areas across the country. Schools are not available in all states. To learn more and find out whether there is a territory available in your area, call 888-TKO-DENT (888-856-3368). Information is also available at



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Tuesday Funnies

Posted by dentalinsider on September 16, 2008

I got this in an email and I thought I would share it.

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