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Archive for the ‘Trade Shows’ Category

ADA – San Antonio

Posted by dentalinsider on October 21, 2008

The American Dental Association held their annual meeting in San Antonio, Tx over the past few days. Although we at the Dental Insider were not able to attend, we did have several associates that did. The consensus was that attendance was down compared to years past and traffic on the exhibit floor was light on Thursday and Saturday, Friday seemed pretty good. Overall, the ADA was mediocre at best.

This is what some of our friends in the industry had to say about the ADA:

“Discus, Zimmer, Zila, OralCDx, and Schein all said that it’s slower than expected. It is the first day so who knows what tomorrow is like. The Schein booth with their E4D has reps sitting in chairs bored out of their minds.”

“I spoke with one dentist who told me that the only reason he came to the ADA was to take a short vacation with his wife and write the trip off, he had no intention of spending any money on his practice, and he made that clear to me.”

“We have had an OK meeting so far, lets see how close we come to our sales goal.”

“No one is spending money, they are all concerned about the economy and the up coming election. Maybe we’ll see something break loose by New York(Greater New York Dental Meeting)

I think that most exhibitors felt that this show would be lackluster at best and perhaps there were some surprises. With the economy starting to come back (I’m an optimist), and the loosening of credit markets, maybe we’ll see a half decent 4th quarter.

You can read Joe Sakaduski’s thoughts about the show at the Sakaduski Marketing Blog. Kevin Henry of Dental Economics, posted a video over at Dental Sales Pro with Jeff Johnson titled Wall Street Looks at the ADA. The audio is a bit poor and cuts out but I think you can get a feel for how wall street views the dental industry. David Dodell of Dental Cast, went to the ADA and shot some interviews with several exhibitors and will be posting them online over the coming weeks. David does a nice job on the interviews and putting the videos together.

did you attend the ADA? What are your thoughts? Was it a good show? Did you write enough business to justify the expense of exhibiting? Post a comment or send us an email.



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DDS TECH Fair 2008

Posted by dentalinsider on June 4, 2008

I was following Flap on Twitter yesterday and he had a post about ddsTECHfair, a virtual trade show put on by the folks at Pennwell Publishing.

What is DDS Tech Fair?

The dental community live and on-line, in a comfortable and hassle-free trade show environment. This innovative online conference and exhibition uses leading-edge technology to bring dental professionals together with colleagues and manufacturers at the convenience of your personal computer.

When is DDS Tech Fair?

June 6-7, 2008


How To Build An Effective Search Engine and Web Site Strategy For Your Practice – Glenn Lombardi & Heather Johnson

Digital Impressions and CAD Restorations – Dr. Paul Feuerstein

Same Day Digital Dentistry – Dr. Robert Mongrain

Blinded by Our Sight: WNL – Patti DiGangi, RDH, BS

Investing in Advanced Technology – Dr. Joe Blaes

Registration is free!

This is an interesting concept and can’t wait to see the results.



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DPR WORLD 08 Wrap Up

Posted by dentalinsider on May 20, 2008

DPR World 08 is in the books and DPR World 09 has been scheduled for May 28-29, 2009. I have been struggling to find someone who attended the show for their thoughts, but it seems, I don’t know anyone that attended. One of my Twitter peeps, Dr. John Flucke, who was a panelist and moderator, wrote in his blog, some of his thoughts on the show. You can read his wrap up report here.

I also found though John’s site, I wish I had found this the other day as it looks like they had snippets of content from some of the presenters and exhibitors.

I am hoping to get another chance to chat with DPR World show director, Ray Bianchi, about his thoughts on the show. Stay tuned.

If you attended or exhibited at this years DPR World show, tell us about your experience, we would love to hear about it.



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Posted by dentalinsider on May 13, 2008

Thanks to reader Tom, we were able to get a look at the attendance numbers that the California Dental Association published this week. I am calling Bullsh$t! on the CDA and their inflated numbers. Here they are…

Dear Exhibitors:

On behalf of the California Dental Association and the Scientific Sessions Board of Managers, thank you for your participation in our 2008 Spring Scientific Session in Anaheim and your contribution to the success of our show.

Approximately 27,041 dental industry professionals, including 7,348 dentists from California and throughout the nation attended the convention. Following is a complete breakdown of attendance.

DDS 7,348
Guests 2,076
RDA/DA 5,812
Exhibitors 5,355
RDH 2,300
Press 63
Lab Tech/CDT 119
CDA Staff 87
Office Staff 2,129
Misc. 15
Dental Students 560
ADHP Students 1,177
TOTAL 27,041

The dentist to total attendance ratio is 27%.

Next week you will receive a post show survey via e-mail. Kindly take a few moments to complete the survey, as your feedback is very important to CDA. Your concerns and suggestions enable us to enhance our future Scientific Sessions and exhibitor services. CDA is dedicated to being a leader in the dental meeting industry and we believe our exhibitors are our partners in that endeavor. We strive to enhance our meetings for the success of all participants and I hope the 2008 Spring meeting was a positive experience for you and your company.

When is the CDA (and all associations for that matter) going to stop inflating these attendance numbers and start using the magnetic strip technology on the backs of the badges and release “through the gate” numbers? I guess the members of the associations don’t understand that the exhibitors are subsidizing their membership dues. Think what it would cost for membership if the exhibitors weren’t subsidizing their dues…double, triple, quadruple? To the manufacturers and distributors…it is time to take a stand. The DTA also needs to get more involved. Its great that they published a paper on trade shows, but now its time to take action.



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CDA Wrap Up

Posted by dentalinsider on May 5, 2008

Sunday started out fairly quiet on the exhibit floor, I think there were more vendors talking amongst themselves than to attendees. Traffic picked up the last hour or so, after the classes started letting out. I spent most of Sunday morning speaking with manufacturer’s and distributors about their thoughts on the 2008 CDA and the common theme that ran through all of my conversations was lack of attendance. One gentleman I spoke with said this was the lowest attended meeting that he could remember in his 35+ years in the dental industry. The CDA should be embarrassed about the poor turnout at this years show. I spoke with a couple of sales reps from one of the Big 3 dealers, they told me that they are seeing less and less of their customers coming to the CDA, let alone renewing their CDA membership. Most of the manufacturers that I spoke with said that sales were below last years and that many would not make their sales goals for this show. We’ll know more in the coming weeks about actual sales numbers once orders get sorted and delivered to distributors.

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CDA Day 2

Posted by dentalinsider on May 4, 2008

Rumors were flying about the convention hall today, like panties at a Bon Jovi concert. Who is the next takeover target, who is going out of business and which manufacturer was siding with PDCO or HSIC.

Traffic seemed to be a bit thin for a Saturday although afternoon traffic seemed to pick up a bit. Consensus by both the mfg’s and the distributors was that sales were a bit off from previous years. Digital is still the hot ticket this year. I must say I was surprised to see so many “gray market” dealers on the floor with sizable booth space. Most everyone agreed that the industry is in a state of flux and no one is sure the direction it is heading. Time for one more cocktail and off to bed. More tomorrow.



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California Dental Association Spring Session Starts Friday

Posted by dentalinsider on May 1, 2008

The California Dental Association’s Annual Spring Session kicks off on Friday in Anaheim, California. Many are taking a wait and see approach to this year’s show now that we are smack dab in the middle of an economic downturn. It will be interesting to see if any of the tax credits in this years economic stimulus program will be enough to jump start a dental equipment buying frenzy. The CDA did something I have not seen in previous years, they released pre-registration numbers. They are as follows:

Dentists – 6,225
Office Staff – 2,785 and Lab Tech/CDT – 241
RDA/DA – 6,371 and RDH – 2,933
Guests -2,335

Let’s see what the actual through the door numbers look like. I doubt they will ever release those.

If you are attending…have a great show!



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Hinman Meeting

Posted by dentalinsider on March 16, 2008

We are hearing that the Hinman Meeting in Atlanta was closed Saturday after the damaging tornado struck Downtown Atlanta on Friday night. We hope everyone is OK.

Update: We heard today that the Patterson Dental Booth was destroyed along with several others. Here is a link that our friends at Dental Sales Pro found along with some pictures. 


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Bravo! Dental Trade Alliance

Posted by dentalinsider on February 26, 2008

dta.jpgI was reading Joe and Nancy Sakaduski’s Blog this morning, catching up on what happened at the Chicago Mid Winter meeting, when I noticed a little tidbit about a report released by the Dental Trade Alliance regarding trade shows. I followed the link and downloaded the report and much to my surprise the DTA’s report has confirmed what many have been saying for some time…

The Dental Trade Alliance has concluded that the current model for dental meetings and exhibitions in the United States is no longer efficient or effective. DTA believes that the dental industry and the professional dental societies that organize meetings with exhibitions must work together to change the current model to be more relevant and cost effective.

Over the past few years, the dental industry has become increasingly alarmed by several related trends:
• The number of dental meetings is very large and growing.
• Attendance at, and interest in, dental meetings by dentists and dental team members seems to be declining.
• The cost to exhibit at dental meetings is increasing dramatically.

You can download the full report here.

I am glad that the DTA is finally taking a position on this subject and from the looks of the report they are working in a positive direction towards trade show reform. This will be a long and arduous battle as the dental associations and societies will be sure to put up a fight to keep their members subsidized by the manufacturers and dental dealers.

This is far from over but a step in the right direction.



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Chicago Mid-Winter Meeting Going on Now

Posted by dentalinsider on February 22, 2008

logo-mwm.gifThe Chicago Mid Winter meeting started today and runs through Sunday. This show is considered the “Crown Jewel” of all of the trade shows as it is the place where manufacturers tend to launch new products. This show also marks the start of my yearly campaign for all of the trade shows to release actual “through the door” attendance numbers instead of those “less than accurate” attendance numbers they will release after the show. The numbers that are released are “pre-registered” numbers, so they do not give a true representation of the amount of people attending the show. For example…Dr. Smith registers he and his staff of 4 for the show months in advance. The week before the show his best buddy invites Dr. Smith to go with him down to Cancun to go fishing. Dr. Smith accepts and he nor anyone from his office attend the show. There are 5 people that will show up on the attendance reports, that actually never made it to the show, and this is a common occurrence. I think you all get the point.

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