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Happy Holidays!

Posted by dentalinsider on December 24, 2008

From all of us at the Dental Insider, we want to wish you all a very Happy Holiday Season.


DI and Associate Q


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Reader Mailbag

Posted by dentalinsider on December 8, 2008

Over the last few years, we have received quite a few emails asking questions of both Associate Q and myself, here are a few of the questions and some answers…

How did the Dental Insider come about?

Back in 2005, I read a book by Hugh Hewitt called Blog and I found it very interesting. One point Mr. Hewitt made in the book is that you should find something you are passionate about and write about it. I found that there was not one place where someone in the industry could go to find out information about the happenings in the industry. I wanted the Dental Insider to be a place to find out industry information, product released, product recalls, and a place where people could share information that would be useful to all. I started the Dental Insider in March of 2006. Associate Q came on board a short time later.

You haven’t done a podcast in sometime, will you be doing more in the future?

At this time, I am unsure. The podcasts take quite a bit of time to produce, from gathering the information, recording the podcast, editing and publishing show notes. The podcast is a lot of fun, yet it takes the most time, which is a precious commodity these days.

What is your take on the state of the dental industry?

Right now, I feel that the industry is in a state of flux. Consolidation is the name of the game. It seems that the smaller retail houses are being squeezed out, which is too bad as these are the people that built the industry. In the not too distant future, I see the retail landscape change with 3 major suppliers and a couple of regional suppliers. I can imagine that several smaller dealers across the country will band together and become the 4th largest supplier nationwide. (ie. U.S. Dental Supply Co.)

Are there any products or companies that you endorse?

I believe that there are many good products out there, even from the companies that I have had issues with. I try to only post information about new products and the Dental Insider does not endorse any products or companies. Look to places like CRA or Reality for endorsements.

Where do you get your stories from?

Q and I have been in this industry for over 30+ years and in that time we have developed relationships with people all over the industry. We get ideas for posts from readers, industry insiders, even manufacturers themselves send us press releases or product announcements. We do try to verify stories that we get tips about from readers. Recently we were tipped off about a possible change in 3M/ESPE’s distribution model. We posted the story and then we realized that we may have some of the facts wrong so we pulled the post until we could get a copy of the dealer letter. As of today, we have not seen a copy of the letter and can not verify the facts, so instead of spreading the wrong information, we will refrain from writing about it until we can verify the information.

I see that you have a sponsor, do you make enough to quit your day job and blog full time?

Hold on…I am still laughing…hardly. The sponsor we have basically covers the costs associated with the website and podcast. We don’t blog for the money, we do it to share information and  add something positive to the industry.

Do you have any hobbies?

Sure, anything related to the outdoors, hiking, camping, fishing, etc. I do have a passion for composing music as well.

DI and Associate Q


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Friday Odds and Ends

Posted by dentalinsider on April 25, 2008

Twitter…Thanks to Dr. John Flucke, Periapex, Flap and Dr. David Dodell, who all of the sudden started “following” me on Twitter, I will start to post there from time to time. You can follow along as well at


I am a big music fan, but I can’t listen to commercial radio anymore. Occasionally, I check out some of the artists on I recently came across Kate Voegele. WOW…here is a singer/songwriter with a great voice. Check her out on myspace or stop by itunes and you can download her album.


Friday Humor

I was checking out Periapex’s blog, Life’s Context, and while sifting through the site, I came across this really funny post. I grabbed the picture because I thought it was pretty funny.

No Named Electric Toothbrush

Have a Good Weekend!!!



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Premier Dental Offers Dentists A Chance To Make A Difference

Posted by dentalinsider on April 8, 2008

Premier’s Two Striper Make-A-Difference contest

Premier Dental Products Company of Plymouth Meeting, Pennsylvania announces the launch of a genuinely different type of contest, open to all licensed dentists in the United States. The single prize consists of a contribution from Premier of $20,000 made in the winner’s name to the dental charity or dental university of their choice. “We all want to make a difference in our workplace and community and this contest was inspired to appeal to that inner philanthropist in every individual. The prize of a significant charitable contribution empowers the winner to give back on a grander scale than normal circumstances might allow,” states Julie Charlestein, Premier Dental’s Vice President of Branding and Business Development. The Two Striper® Diamond Make-A-Difference campaign runs from February 1 2008 through December 7 2008. For complete details of Premier’s Two Striper Make-A-Difference contest, including entry form and contest rules, visit, One winner will be chosen on December 15th and a check will be presented in their name to the winner’s approved designated recipient. DI


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Dental Insider Turns 2

Posted by dentalinsider on March 21, 2008

birthday.jpgWell folks, today, is our birthday, we have just hit the terrible two’s. It’s hard to believe that 2 years has flown by so fast since we started the blog. So, to celebrate our 2nd anniversary we are posting some of the more interesting stories from the last 2 years.

Danaher vs PDCO

Ebay Dental

Dentsply’s Gary Kunkle Responds

Kerr Addressing Gray Market Issue

Payola Up Please

Is Kavo Out of the Operatory Equipment Business?

Outlook Promising for Dental Equipment in 2007

Trade Show Reform Part 1

Trade Show Reform Part 2

Trouble Brewing at Zahn Dental

Where Has the Quality Gone?

Henry Schein to Acquire Becker-Parkin

3M/ESPE Addresses Gray Market Issue

The “Dentsply Effect” – 1 Year Later

Lead Contamination in Off Shore Dental Lab Restorations

Here We Go Again…

Dental Insider Podcasts

Podcast #6 – Interview with Shawn Nowak

Podcast #11 – Interview with Paul Dutra

Podcast #14 – Chat with Teresa Duncan

All of this would not be possible without the support of all of our readers, comment contributors and our sponsor, CRS Cassette Repair Service.

From both Associate Q and Myself….we would like to thank you for your continued readership and support.

DI and Q

Note: We have added an Easter egg to this post…see if you can find it.


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Anesthetic Shortage Update – January 2008

Posted by dentalinsider on January 21, 2008

It’s been a while since we posted anything about the anesthetic shortage, so I thought we would give an update. Over the summer and fall, anesthetic inventories remained high with the exception of Astra brand anesthetics. As of now, we are under the winter shipping rules for anesthetic, and shipments may thin out a bit, especially in extremely cold weather.

I spoke with several dealers across the United States last week about inventories and rationing. All said that they ordered heavy going into winter and that they didn’t think anesthetic would be a problem through the spring. A couple of dealers are still rationing anesthetic to their customers, which might not be a bad thing for others to consider.

I think that we are in much better shape than a year ago with regards to this anesthetic shortage.

On a side note…Eastman Kodak is raising their prices on anesthetic 5% as of February 1, 2008.



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Are You a Dental Sales Pro?

Posted by dentalinsider on January 15, 2008

A few weeks ago I came across a new on-line community aimed at the dental sales professional, I signed up and have spent the last week or so checking out all of the features of the site. (Dental Insider Page) I like to think of it as Myspace for dental sales professionals without the 40 year old unemployed guy, living in his mom’s basement, pretending to be a 17 year old named “Jennifer”.

The site’s founder is a sales representative in the dental industry. I asked him a couple of questions and here are his responses.

Why did you start

Speaking with manufacturers (both reps and company management)
one of the most difficult things for them is communicating with the retail reps. I thought an on-line community would help. I get calls almost every week from headhunters looking for someone with dental sales experience. Again, I thought an online community would benefit the recruiters as well as anyone looking to make a job change. Overall, this is a small, tight knit community that people for the most part stay in for their entire career. I think an on-line community format will work for the dental sales community.

What are your goals for DSP?

I would like this to be the first place people in the dental sales community go to find out about products, meetings, industry news and just to have fun and stay in touch with peers and friends.

Membership is free for the dental sales professional. Manufacturers, dealers, and recruiters can post product videos/pictures/information, literature, press releases, company information, quarterly specials/meeting specials, trade show information, and just about anything else they want the dental sales professional to know for a small fee.

I really like the site’s motto…Know More, Earn More!

You can download the official press release here.

Sign up and personalize your page, add friends and have some fun. The site is still in it’s infancy, but has the potential to be the premier site for Dental Sales Professionals.



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Happy New Year!

Posted by dentalinsider on December 31, 2007

champagne-cork-popping-photographic-print-c11967141.jpegWe would like to wish all of the Dental Insider Blog readers and Dental Insider Podcast listeners a very Happy New Year.

DI and Associate Q

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Happy Thanksgiving

Posted by dentalinsider on November 21, 2007

turkey.jpgAll of us here at the Dental Insider want to wish all of you a very Happy Thanksgiving and hope that you all travel safely to and from your holiday destinations. See you next week.

DI and Associate Q

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A Now…. A Word From Our Sponsor….

Posted by dentalinsider on November 12, 2007

After debating this with myself for several months, I finally agreed to try a sponsorship deal for the Dental Insider. Please welcome CRS – Cassette Repair Service as our sponsor.

CRS – Cassette Repair Service has developed a process to re-align STATIM 2000 and 5000 cassettes to work like new. We inspect to see if it is repairable, clean and straighten, install a new gasket, pressure test and send back to you.

Visit their website or send them an email and tell them you saw them on the Dental Insider.

If you are interested in finding how you can sponsor the Dental Insider Blog or Podcast, send an email to dentalinsider[at]gmail. com


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