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ADA – San Antonio

Posted by dentalinsider on October 21, 2008

The American Dental Association held their annual meeting in San Antonio, Tx over the past few days. Although we at the Dental Insider were not able to attend, we did have several associates that did. The consensus was that attendance was down compared to years past and traffic on the exhibit floor was light on Thursday and Saturday, Friday seemed pretty good. Overall, the ADA was mediocre at best.

This is what some of our friends in the industry had to say about the ADA:

“Discus, Zimmer, Zila, OralCDx, and Schein all said that it’s slower than expected. It is the first day so who knows what tomorrow is like. The Schein booth with their E4D has reps sitting in chairs bored out of their minds.”

“I spoke with one dentist who told me that the only reason he came to the ADA was to take a short vacation with his wife and write the trip off, he had no intention of spending any money on his practice, and he made that clear to me.”

“We have had an OK meeting so far, lets see how close we come to our sales goal.”

“No one is spending money, they are all concerned about the economy and the up coming election. Maybe we’ll see something break loose by New York(Greater New York Dental Meeting)

I think that most exhibitors felt that this show would be lackluster at best and perhaps there were some surprises. With the economy starting to come back (I’m an optimist), and the loosening of credit markets, maybe we’ll see a half decent 4th quarter.

You can read Joe Sakaduski’s thoughts about the show at the Sakaduski Marketing Blog. Kevin Henry of Dental Economics, posted a video over at Dental Sales Pro with Jeff Johnson titled Wall Street Looks at the ADA. The audio is a bit poor and cuts out but I think you can get a feel for how wall street views the dental industry. David Dodell of Dental Cast, went to the ADA and shot some interviews with several exhibitors and will be posting them online over the coming weeks. David does a nice job on the interviews and putting the videos together.

did you attend the ADA? What are your thoughts? Was it a good show? Did you write enough business to justify the expense of exhibiting? Post a comment or send us an email.



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2 Responses to “ADA – San Antonio”

  1. Dental Guy said

    No surprise about Zila and OralCDX having a slow show. It’s not like they are launching new products. They have been selling the same cancer detection products for years.

    Vizilite can be a great practice booster. However, it tastes horrible, and too many dentists are overcharging for it. As for OralCDX, if a dentist doesn’t know about the brush biopsy by now, SHAME ON THEM.

    The ADA is not really known for hosting a “great” show, but the companies that build some pre-show buzz seem to do okay.

  2. We didn’t exhibit this year, but for reasons other than the economy; however, we did attend and it seemed slower than past years – both in buying mentality as well as attendance.

    I’d be interested to see if vendors who offer products or services that can cut costs in a dental office, or who offer cheaper solutions noticed any increased attention at the show. We offer cost-effective service solutions called Virtual Business Services, and have noticed increased business in these tougher economic times.

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