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Ultreo Spreads Smiles with New Dentist Referral Program

Posted by dentalinsider on August 13, 2008

“Share a Smile” Rewards Dentists, Patients and National Children’s Charity

REDMOND, WA, August 12, 2008 – Recommending the Ultreo power toothbrush has never been easier – or more rewarding. Ultreo today announces “Share a Smile,” a new referral program that rewards both the dentist and the patient. In addition, as more people are introduced to the benefits of Ultreo via “Share a Smile,” more children in need will benefit. “Share a Smile” provides dentists the flexibility to choose how they want to be rewarded – including an option to donate funds to Ultreo’s partner charity, the National Children’s Oral Health Foundation.

“Everyday we hear from dentists and patients alike how much they love using Ultreo and how they can now smile with confidence,” says Glenn Bonagura, Ultreo’s CEO and President. “Our new ‘Share a Smile’ program allows us to inspire even more smiles by rewarding our key supporters in the dental community and supporting a charity dedicated to helping children.”

To enroll in the “Share a Smile” program, dentists should contact Ultreo via phone or online. When they do, they’ll receive a welcome kit with a countertop display, patient brochures and a unique “Share a Smile” code to be shared with patients. Patients then enter their dentist’s unique “Share a Smile” code when purchasing an Ultreo at, and they’ll receive a free bonus replacement brush head (a $22.99 value) and free UPS ground shipping.

For each Ultreo purchased using the unique code, that dentist will receive credits from Ultreo. Dentists can redeem their credits quarterly or donate them to Ultreo’s partner charity, the National Children’s Oral Health Foundation. For the participating dentist, this program allows them to focus on what matters most – caring for their patient’s oral health. Ultreo takes care of the inventory, ordering and shipping, and tracking the “Share a Smile” credits.

The National Children’s Oral Health Foundation (NCOHF) responds to the national growing need to provide access to community-based programs for underserved children that deliver the best approaches to eliminate dental disease, optimize oral health, effectively reduce student absenteeism, and significantly enhance quality of life and family productivity. Building on existing models, in 10 years, NCOHF will reach 20 million children through a national network of progressive community-based comprehensive children’s dental education and treatment centers. Ultreo’s “Share a Smile” program will help support this effort.

In addition to the trade promotion, Ultreo has also launched a “Send a Smile” e-card application on their website to encourage anyone to share a smile – literally. Consumers can visit to create entertaining e-cards featuring different smiles to send to friends and relatives. Not only is it fun, but consumers have the opportunity to get a special offer when they purchase an Ultreo at Check out for complete details.

Ultreo is the first and only toothbrush to use patented ultrasound waveguide technology along with sonic bristle motion. It delivers a gentle brushing experience, provides a long-lasting feeling of clean, produces naturally whiter teeth, reduces gingivitis, removes hard-to-reach plaque and definitely inspires more smiles.

For more information about Ultreo or the “Share a Smile” program, visit Dentists interested in enrolling in “Share a Smile” can call 1-877-4-ULTREO or visit



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5 Responses to “Ultreo Spreads Smiles with New Dentist Referral Program”

  1. I think that no one can deny the benefits that a good toothbrush can brings people of any age and I can say Ultreo is a real admirable toothbrush. Cosmetic dentist are always recommending their patient to use most up to dated and brand-new toothbrush for improving their oral health and creating beautiful smiles.

  2. Dental Guy said

    Talk about a complicated process! I guess P&G and Ultreo have settled their litigation…….

  3. Dentalman said

    This is the most effective toothbrush on the planet.

  4. An interesting marketing campaign; but you’re right Dental Guy, very complicated. To me, it seems that the possibility of my dentist donating some reward points to a charity is not going to increase my liklihood of buying the toothbrush. Rather, its effectiveness, dentist recommendation and price point are what would influence my decision.

    And, for the dentist, it seems that they’re going to recommend a product based on its quality. If a dentist recommends a bad product, which produces bad results for his patient, the patient will probably be looking for a new dentist.

    As Dentalman called it the most effective toothbrush on the planet, it seems that they should be focusing more on spreading that message than handling the logistics of this complicated campaign. But that’s just my opinion…as experts of their domain, I’m sure that Ultreo calculated the ROI on this campaign closely, and will see some good results.

  5. Ed said

    What a cool little campaign.

    What you need to know about New Dentists

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