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Sybron Dental Specialties Acquires Pentron Corporation

Posted by dentalinsider on August 7, 2008


Sybron Dental Specialties Acquires Pentron Corporation
Securing Rights to Resilon Technology

ORANGE, CA – August 5, 2008 – Sybron Dental Specialties, Inc. announced today the addition of the Pentron brands to its corporate portfolio through the purchase of all the outstanding stock of Pentron Corporation. Daniel Even, Danaher Group Executive/President of Sybron Dental Specialties (SDS), said, “We are very enthusiastic about adding the Pentron brands to our family of companies. The crown jewel of Pentron is Resilon®, a synthetic alternative to gutta percha, which has demonstrated through clinical review and scientific investigation to be superior to gutta percha.” Mr. Even noted that Resilon-based endodontic filling materials bond to the canal wall and minimize leakage, thereby reducing the chances of a failed root canal.

Pentron’s Resilon products will be distributed via the SybronEndo distribution channel while the balance of the Pentron brands will continue to be distributed via their current channel. Pentron customers should continue to secure products through their preferred source.

More on this story as details become available.



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9 Responses to “Sybron Dental Specialties Acquires Pentron Corporation”

  1. Big news! It is hard to figure out who owns who now. Reminds me of the move Dentsply made when they purchased Sultan. My guess is Danaher is not done yet. Thanks for the breaking news.

  2. Dental Guy said

    Doesn’t Pentron have an exclusive agreement with Schein?

  3. So true Dental Sales Pro! It seems like consolidation is the name of the game these days.

    Yes, Schein and Pentron signed an exclusive in the beginning of 2004, but I never saw any mention of the length of the contract.

  4. They have 2 different divisions of Pentron though. I believe Schein only has excluse to Pentron Laboratory products, not Generic Penetron products. I know many dealers that sell the Pentron line.

  5. AssociateQ said

    The deal with Pentron and Schein, rather Zahn, is for Pentron Lab Products.

    This deal is in regards to Pentron Clinical Technologies LLC.

    The Zahn deal is with Pentron Laboratory Products LLC.

    Basically Pentron is two different companies, always have been actually.

    I am not sure who owns these companies, but all I have to say is their pockets are extremely fat. This was set up years ago to go down like this, they just finally got what they wanted and with the right company.

    But honestly, this is like a pimple on the ass that is Danaher. They bough this one with their pocket change. Danaher is a POWERHOUSE and will continue to make purchases as they see fit. Danaher is nothing like any other company in dental, in fact dental has never seen the likes of Danaher.

    The funny thing is that this was such a small purchase that it did not even show up in their news at any of the financial sites.

    Danaher is a machine, a conglomerate that just continues to consume smaller businesses.


  6. Dental Guy said

    Who are the biggest players in endo?
    Dentsply, Young and Sybron. What about Discus and Ultradent? They seem to have large product lines. Zenith also has their spirapost system.

  7. COOL…that was nice, I’m anticipating for the next story.
    Sarasota Dentist

  8. Yeah…$6.31 BILLION in revenue in the first 6 months of 2008 (…Danaher is certainly a powerhouse! But it sounds like that 22.5% increase over 2007 includes a lot of inorganic growth through consumption of the small guys.

  9. kp said

    Danaher will eat dental and spit it out, and not for the good. They could care less about anything but the almighty dollar

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