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Tooth Manufacturer’s Claims Against Monopolistic Rival Can Proceed

Posted by dentalinsider on July 24, 2008

Thanks to Teresa over at the Dental implant Blog (shameless plug) for the heads up on a story that fell off of my radar. I remember reading something about this a while back, but you know how things get tied up in the legal system for years. Out of sight, out of mind.

Dentsply loses motion to dismiss case brought against them by a competitor claiming monopolistic practices regarding the sale of teeth dating back to the early 1990’s.

A monopolization claim by a manufacturer of prefabricated artificial teeth against the industry’s dominant player, Dentsply International, Inc., was not barred as untimely and did not fail for lack of cognizable antitrust injury, the federal district court in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, has ruled. Thus, Dentsply’s motion to dismiss was denied.

You can read the article over at the Trade Regulation Talk Blog.

I am sure that one of our readers will be able to gives us the Cliff Notes version of this case and judgment, maybe we even have someone involved that can shed some light on this case.



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3 Responses to “Tooth Manufacturer’s Claims Against Monopolistic Rival Can Proceed”

  1. Rick Lindquist said

    Cliff Notes Version:
    Bruno has big brass ones!!!
    Good for him,how rare a day is it that the little guy can take on a giant. Good luck Mr. Pozzi. I’m pulling for ya.

  2. Dick McManus said


    Maybe Bruno does have brass ones but Lactona distributes Universal (Univac) teeth not Mr. Pozzi’s American Tooth Industries Brands of Emperial, Pozzi and several others. Lactona is a giant and could never be classified as a little guy.
    Dick McManus

  3. The list is very large of the tooth manufacturer’s and dealers that have a lawsuit against Dentsply for the same claims. This ruling just helps out all the rest in line.

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