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Posted by dentalinsider on June 30, 2008

The Invisalign System has two primary components that move your teeth in the right direction. The ClinCheck application and the Invisalign aligners are both components that work with the dentist to get those teeth straighter.

ClinCheck is really cool because it takes computer based 3D images of your teeth and progresses them over time until they are straight. There are a lot of complicated numbers and modeling the stages of the tooth movement is complex. Hence the reason Invisalign cost is what it is. Once you have deliberated with your Dentist/Orthodontist the aligners can begin to be simulated by ClinCheck. ClinCheck is just a fancy word for high-tech computer software that takes a picture of your teeth and creates a series of aligners to get the end result of straighter teeth. Aligners are thin and removable almost like a mouth guard except invisible. Each stage of the ClinCheck simulation corresponds with how many aligners or trays you will end up having. Each custom-made aligner is worn over the teeth for two weeks before being replaced by the next aligner in the series, until treatment is complete.

You can take out these aligners at anytime. However it is not recommended that you leave them out or the ClinCheck simulation will be reversed and you will have to go back a few trays to progress your teeth again. That is more than a month of back-tracking. Invisalign patients are very active in the treatment process. You are required to switch the trays, making sure you have the right aligners for that 2 week period. You will visit your dentist every 6-8 weeks to make sure the treatment process is going smoothly.

Align technology has developed a complex application making it simple to change your aligners and apply them to your teeth. It is based on your mouth, dimensions and teeth. You can even see the finished results of your teeth before you even begin treatment. Dentists work together with Invisalign employees to make it as easy for you as possible. Look into this great System that can nearly guarantee you straighter teeth.

Blake Abel – Guest Contributor

**Podcast coming later this week**


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