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Stories I would have posted if…

Posted by dentalinsider on June 24, 2008

I had reliable internet access over the last 2 weeks. I will say that the cable company was on-time and resolved the problem in a few hours. It turned out that they had to rewire most of the house, add new splitter and an amplifier, in order for us to get our internet service back. They also put in an order to have new cable run from the street to the house, all of which is underground. We’ll see if that actually happens. That being said, it is good to be able to post a few of the stories from the last couple of weeks.

Patterson to Offer Eaglesoft for Free!

ST. PAUL, Minn. – (June 11, 2008) –In a first-of-its-kind, industry-leading initiative, Patterson Dental Supply, Inc. announces it will now provide Patterson EagleSoft practice management software to dental professionals nationwide at no charge. The award-winning software, along with the data import process and CD-ROM and Web-based training materials, are available for free beginning June 9.

As a multitude of digital technologies become mainstream in the dental practice, Patterson Dental recognizes the basic, fundamental need for a cutting-edge software to be the hub of that digital future. Delivering solid integration throughout the dental practice, free Patterson EagleSoft practice management software helps dental professionals streamline practice activity, ultimately benefiting patients and staff, alike.

“Providing Patterson EagleSoft practice management software at no cost eliminates a major hurdle for dentists seeking better software or looking ahead toward future digital technology purchases,” said Patterson Dental President Scott Anderson. “Patterson Dental’s primary focus is helping dentists stay on the forefront of technology and working to ensure practitioners have access to practice management software that allows easy integration with evolving digital technologies.”

According to my source at Patterson, they feel if they can get in the door with the practice management software, they will own the office. I don’t necessarily agree with that philosophy, but I do think this is a great time for offices that are thinking about using practice management software or are thinking about switching, to get some of the best software for free. I am sure there are some catches, like having to pay for support and updates, but it seems like a pretty good deal.

Dentist “Will Work Free For Sex”

This story comes via my twitter friend Periapex…only he could find such a story.

A dentist in the northern Italian city of Genoa is offering his services on the Internet in exchange for sex.

”Dentist, 40, offers free dental care of the highest order to attractive and laid-back married and single women who know how to make the most of their qualities,” says the ad posted by Driver5000cc on the bulletin board.

A journalist from a local paper replied to the ad and secretly filmed a meeting in a bar. She learned he had only had one reply so far. The woman was in his care but not currently performing sexual favours, he told her. The head of the Genoa medical guild, Enrico Bartolini, said he would ask the paper to help him identify the dentist and disbar him. ”I will move cautiously but I will get to the bottom of this unsavoury affair which puts the medical profession in a bad light at a time when it is already under fire,” Bartolini said, referring to a recent string of scandals.

First Impressions Magazine June 2008 Issue Available Now

The latest issue of First Impressions Magazine (print) arrived in the mail the other day. This issue is packed with some really good articles including the main article on Distributor/Manufacturer Relationships. Brian Taylor did some extensive research on the boards over at Dental Sales Pro and has shared some of that information in this article. There is also a nice piece on featured supplier, Burkhardt Dental Supply, an informative article on oral cancer screening, and the usual industry news and product introductions.

Usually, you can read the magazine online, but First Impressions has not updated their website to reflect the current issue. Check back as I am sure they will be updating the site soon. Updated today.



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14 Responses to “Stories I would have posted if…”

  1. kp said

    Not really any catch on the Eaglesoft. THe software itself is free, the support, ala carte services and additional modules like Perio charting will still be at the same cost.
    Still saves the office at least $5000. Also with any purchase of $5000 or more in digital x ray equipment (i.e. 1 sensor) the Schick digital imaging software ($3000) is free. You don’t have to buy the digital to still get the Eaglesoft, but the digital deal is an added bonus.

    It will save an office thinking about entering the digital/technology world at least $8000-$9000.

    Of course the doctors who are using typewriters and ledger cards will still see it as a waste of $.

  2. First Impressions has updated their website with new content. Just wish I got the new issue as fast as you did. Still waiting.

  3. Periapex said

    I always knew that Italians were ingenious.

  4. Seems like a pretty good deal! I feel sorry for dentists who purchased the software pre-June 9th…but I’m sure Patterson will make it right somehow.
    I work for a dental software company, Planet DDS, Inc., and understand the value of ensuring that all dental offices have PM software. Our software is web-based, or accessible anywhere with an internet connection, offering a different option from a more traditional software like Eaglesoft. As an observation – could this move show Patterson realizing that Software-as-a-Service is the wave of the future, as demonstrated by major companies like Google?

  5. I would love to move toward cloud computing in the dental office. We have two owner/dds’s and myself that would love to access the database from home. With our current setup w/ Dentrix and 2 very large (loud) servers, it seems we’re two steps back instead. Peter – I’m going to check out your company.

  6. Peter,

    My understanding is that Patterson is rebating back what they paid for the Eaglesoft. I know that the Patterson reps were handing out checks to these customers a couple of weeks back. Not sure how far back they’ll go, but they seem to be doing the right thing.

  7. kp said

    There will be no customers left in the learch as far as having just purchased product recently. In fact, from what I understand there will be some customers getting compensated that are on the fringe that may not really qualify, but still will be taken care of. Doesn’t seem like anyone will get left hanging

  8. Dental Guy said

    Well, Eaglesoft is all about being a service since it has so many different modules. It’s not just a patient scheduler, but a complete technology solution for medical records, digital x-rays, cameras, perio charting, etc.

    It’s the perfect system! I am sure DENTRIX is good too. It is the biggest, but right now it Eaglesoft seems to be adding more new accounts at a faster pace.

    What about BENCO’s software solution? Is it any good?

  9. kp said

    BENCO has no solution – Kodak I think

  10. Being in the dental software industry – I can tell you that, for the most part, comparing PM systems by their features (or modules) is essentially viewing them as commodities. Any good PM software will have the same features (i.e. scheduler, x-ray compatibility, perio charting, etc.) as its competitors.

    Comparing the PM systems based on features alone (or as commodities, if you accept that all good PM systems have the same features), then the only differentiator is price. This can be dangerous, as price is not an indiacator of quality; therefore, it is important to compare the software based on benefits.

    I would encourage anyone buying a software solution for their office to ask the sales rep, “How are you different from the other software companies?” “What are some of the ways that your software can benefit my office that the other software companies can’t offer?”

  11. kp said

    The easy answer to your question is Patterson’s Technology Center (The PTC). Patterson is the only company that has their own facility (in the USA) that fully supports all of the technology that they sell. They are also the only company that offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Try returning Dexis/Dentrix or SoftDent after you open the box. Good Luck. Has anyone out there had a good experience with Dexis/Dentrix Tech Support? Does Suni or Kodak even have a tech support line? With Patterson, it’s all one phone number, ne place, one company. And if you are on hold for more than 5 minutes, I’ll buy you dinner.

    And Eaglesoft was developed by Patterson. They didn’t just go out and buy a company and resell their product.

    Also, I take a slight exception to your claim that the only differentiation between softwares is price. Test drive Eaglesoft next to SoftDent or Easy Dental and then tell me if you feel the same way. Basic features – yes. Overall, no chance.

  12. Dr. Grumpy said

    “Will Work Free For Sex”

    Why didn’t I think of that?

  13. KP,
    Excellent points about EagleSoft, and although I don’t know from experience, I believe you when you say that it is a great product.

    The point I was trying to make is that software SHOULDN’T be based on price. That, for whatever reason, there should be aspects of a software program that benefit each individual office.

    For example, Denticon web-based dental software from Planet DDS allows for real time connectivity to the PM software from anywhere with an internet connection. This allows for a number of office tasks to be handled by professional off-site staff. Check out this concept if you have a minute –

    These services, made possible by the PM software, might be beneficial to an office, depending on its particular situation. The point being that there are a lot of factors that a doctor needs to weigh when choosing a PM system, and I personally don’t believe that price or features alone should be the deciding factors.

  14. Joshua Hewitt said

    Interesting post. I’m in the process of switching my old practice management system simply mine is not catching up to the time. Peter, I checked out dental software, very promising. You’re right, I’m looking for something more than just a single purpose software. I’d like to be able to run my practice more efficiently and I realize the software that I choose is only the enabler. I like where you guys are going with this Software-as-a-Service. It has a lot of potential. A web based software makes more sense to me today. I like the fact that I access my office anywhere and time and the Iphone integration is a dream come true. I can also offload the work if need to.

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