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DDS TECH Fair 2008

Posted by dentalinsider on June 4, 2008

I was following Flap on Twitter yesterday and he had a post about ddsTECHfair, a virtual trade show put on by the folks at Pennwell Publishing.

What is DDS Tech Fair?

The dental community live and on-line, in a comfortable and hassle-free trade show environment. This innovative online conference and exhibition uses leading-edge technology to bring dental professionals together with colleagues and manufacturers at the convenience of your personal computer.

When is DDS Tech Fair?

June 6-7, 2008


How To Build An Effective Search Engine and Web Site Strategy For Your Practice – Glenn Lombardi & Heather Johnson

Digital Impressions and CAD Restorations – Dr. Paul Feuerstein

Same Day Digital Dentistry – Dr. Robert Mongrain

Blinded by Our Sight: WNL – Patti DiGangi, RDH, BS

Investing in Advanced Technology – Dr. Joe Blaes

Registration is free!

This is an interesting concept and can’t wait to see the results.



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3 Responses to “DDS TECH Fair 2008”

  1. Read about this concept last summer in a now defunct magazine called Business 2.0. Great idea from the folks at PennWell. Virtual trade shows may be a nice solution for the Drs and companies that don’t want to spend the time and money to go to a real meeting. Here’s a link to one company that does these virtual trade shows

  2. I had a chance to preview the show ( as a presenter) and it is really slick. A combination video game with live chat, and a chance to win legitemate prizes and get CE credits. There are booths that had to be set up not unlike preparing for a traditional trade show. I’ll be there all Friday afternoon and hope to have some fun.

  3. By the way, when they ask for your user id, that is your email address. The idiots at Pennwell don’t bother to tell you that and it is not listed on the registration page. Spent 15 minutes trying to figure out what my user id was.

    Nice Job Pennwell!!!


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