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DPR WORLD 08 Wrap Up

Posted by dentalinsider on May 20, 2008

DPR World 08 is in the books and DPR World 09 has been scheduled for May 28-29, 2009. I have been struggling to find someone who attended the show for their thoughts, but it seems, I don’t know anyone that attended. One of my Twitter peeps, Dr. John Flucke, who was a panelist and moderator, wrote in his blog, some of his thoughts on the show. You can read his wrap up report here.

I also found though John’s site, I wish I had found this the other day as it looks like they had snippets of content from some of the presenters and exhibitors.

I am hoping to get another chance to chat with DPR World show director, Ray Bianchi, about his thoughts on the show. Stay tuned.

If you attended or exhibited at this years DPR World show, tell us about your experience, we would love to hear about it.



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7 Responses to “DPR WORLD 08 Wrap Up”

  1. I attended the show as a part of the Henry Schein team, representing Dentrix. The show was a complete bust from a vendor point of view. Someone here said 400 to 500 dentists on the exhibition floor, but there were not that many. We had less than 20 dentists visit our booth the entire show. DPR tried every trick in the book to get them onto the floor (free booze, free prime rib, free lunches) to no avail.

    I know that two large vendors pulled out of the show because they worked a clause into their contracts that if there weren’t 5,000 dentists registered, their obligation was negated. Ultradent, Henry Schein, Schick and others had large booths and participated as sponsors for various activities, so a lot was invested. We sent part of our away team home after the first day. Schick had 20 reps in their booth the first day and cut it to 4 for the rest of the show. Many vendors were taking pictures of the empty aisles, so I know there will be many complaints lodged.

    I had one of my Marketing team contact our DPR rep to complain and ask about free advertising. Here is a portion of her reply:

    “Although I know that you had a large investment in the DPR World show, we have not yet decided what we are going to do to rectify this. We will be having a company-wide meeting later this week in order to decide the best course of action, so please understand that I am not able to offer you a free ad in the June issue.

    I will, however, be in contact regarding a make-good soon.”

    The show was a complete bust. I think there is space for a non-professional society show, but they need to go back to the drawing board for year two or they won’t be able to pull it off.

  2. Dental Guy said

    It makes you wonder why they didn’t cancel the event due to low attendance. It’s most unfortunate because the DTA will have even less leverage with the ADA in encouraging trade show reform. DPR invested a tremendous amount of resources into this extravaganza, and it will be interesting to see how things pan out for them.

  3. Dental Guy said

    What about the Townie meeting? I can’t believe I forgot about the Townies!!

  4. Scott said

    The meeting was a bust. What makes it more of a failure is DPR’s disappearing act after the fact. I’ve received “zero” response from my rep and the executives at DPR asking what they intended on doing to manage the aftershock. Amazing they were always there when they needed to sell me an ad or meet a deadline. I know that they planned a company wide meeting to discuss an action plan – yet it’s one month later and where’s the action? I just can’t wait for them to call me for an ad – or new business. There’s too many options – they should have taken the bullet and been honest. Instead they “black boxed” the early pre registered results – costing me and you thousands.

  5. Dental Guy said

    Yup, so head on over to PennWell, AEGIS Communications, Farran Media, Integrated Media Solutions, Belmont Publications, Dentalcompare, and of course Dentistry Today! I am sure they would be thrilled to work with you.

    DPR is just a big puff piece magazine anyways. Does anyone really read the thing??

  6. Dental Media Guru said

    Hey, what about Inside Dentistry and Compendium?
    We have over 65 years of Dental Publishing experience and welcome your support as a strategic business partner. These titles ROCK! Ask your dental industry marketing groups.

  7. johnee99 said

    All this print…the dental industry is addicted to print like America is addicted to oil. Business to business print ad pages were off 6.2% Q1 2008 (YOY). I think this speaks volumes about where dentists are going for their product discovery–the web. With gas at $5, natural resources going through the roof, do we really need to be killing more trees and hauling said dead trees around the country burning oil just so they can land a month late on some doc’s doorstep who didn’t even request it? The printing, paper, and postage are driving ad rates up even when demand is down in this market. Let’s evolve. (FULL DISCLOSURE: I am the GM of Dentalcompare…and for the record, we deliver incredible results)

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