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DPR World 08 Show Debuts in Las Vegas

Posted by dentalinsider on May 15, 2008

The first ever DPR World 08 show starts Thursday in Las Vegas and runs through Saturday. DPRWorld is the first products based, innovation-driven event produced by Dental Products Report magazine, bringing the pages of DPR alive!

DPRWorld Attendees will receive:

  • 16 Credits of up-to-the-minute, panel-driven, education, customized for DPRWorld. . . You will not experience this education anywhere else!
  • Featured speakers include Drs. Gordon Christensen, Ronald Goldstein, John West, Louis Rose, Ed McLaren and more. View our continuing education schedule for an overview.
  • Efficient scheduling and no counter programming let you maximize the value of your time and experience all DPRWorld has to offer. >
  • See the latest in product innovations and advanced treatment with learning opportunities right on the show floor in our Innovation Center theaters.
  • Sales, specials, deals and buying opportunities right on the show floor.
  • Effortless, all inclusive registration and pricing for complete access to DPRWorld.
  • Exhibit floor party with Taste of Mandalay Bay food event and concert performance by multi-platinum recording artist Chris Isaak.

I had the opportunity to ask show director, Ray Bianchi, a few questions regarding DPR World and this is what he had to say.

Why and how did DPR World come about?

The DTA and some of their leaders asked us to do a survey about dental shows. The DTA chose not to go forward with a show but so many of the big players, Shick, Discus, Schein and Patterson expressed strong interest we decided to go forward with the show. The goal was and is to create a product centered event. This is lacking in Dental we have many, many meetings but no events. The goal of an integrated event is to create a whole experience for the doctor and for the innovative companies that make their lives so much better.

The cost to attend seems a bit steep ($895), why so much?

First off to obtain the same benefits at a major Dental meeting you would have to pay more than 895.00. At our event you get all your meals, 16 credits and CE, a great trade show floor, Chris Isaak, The Dental Plaza, Innovation Centers and more for this price. We want at our show doctors who are serious about education and products and this price point allows us to deliver a great show to them.

Are you looking to replace regional/state trade shows?

Absolutely not. If local dental societies want to have meetings we support that totally. The problem is that those meetings are not about products they are about association business and education that is why they exist. We exist to bring innovative products and our education program is based around great products as well. The result of this is that we hope that our exhibitors and attendees get a good experience. We hope that the dental societies thrive and grow it is good for our business.

What are you hoping to accomplish with DPR World?

To Bring doctors and innovative products together. To attempt to bring a model closer to IDS (Germany’s Show) to the USA where the products are central which will mesh well with our magazine Dental Products Report which is all about products. Also to give each attendee and exhibitor a great experience.

Why should a dentist want to make the trek to Las Vegas to attend?

I think that our offering is the best in the Dental Events market. Look at our speakers and the fact that in 2.5 days you get allot for your money.

It will be interesting to see how this show is received and what the attendance looks like. At one time, I felt that this was an unnecessary show, but maybe, just maybe, this is going to be the stimulus for trade show reform. I am sure that the major dental associations will be watching, maybe they can learn something from it.

Good Luck DPR World!



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7 Responses to “DPR World 08 Show Debuts in Las Vegas”

  1. Nice job getting the interview with Ray. Talked with a lot of dentists that didn’t have a clue this meeting was going on. Vegas is a tough venue for the exhibitor. The ADA a couple of years back was dreadful. Too many distractions!!

  2. Just a quick update. Spoke with a dentist on Friday who was attending DPR World meeting. To quote the Dr., “This is a disaster, maybe 400 or 500 doctors on the floor.” I’ve said it before, Vegas is an awful place for a meeting from the exhibitors stand point. Who wants to look at dental products in Vegas?

  3. Maybe Ray Bianchi will check in and share some details about DPR World.


  4. joe fazzio said

    I spent Thursday at the DPR,”400to500 dentist on the floor” you’ve got to be kidding. They came for the free food and free drinks at the 1:30 show opening and then left. They want us back next year for the DPR Memorial Day weekend. I don’t think so…..

    Joe Fazzio

  5. Dental Guy said

    Well, where exactly is an “ideal” location for a dental meeting? The largest convention cities in the US are Orlando, Vegas, and Chicago. People hate Orlando becuase of Disney World, Vegas is too distracting, and Chicago seems to be well received by most people. People also hate New York becuase it’s so expensive. So, where is the best place for a dental meeting?

    While we are on this topic, what dental meetings actually get a good reception from vendors? Hinman, CDS and Under One Roof usually seem to be well received.

  6. Why does Chicago work? No one wants to go outside because it’s too cold! Captive audience.

  7. Confused Exhibitor said

    Yes, that is true!

    Chicago, midwinter, no distractions like Vegas, baby!

    I guess “if nothing happens in Vegas it doesn’t Stay in Vegas!”

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