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Friday Odds and Ends

Posted by dentalinsider on April 25, 2008

Twitter…Thanks to Dr. John Flucke, Periapex, Flap and Dr. David Dodell, who all of the sudden started “following” me on Twitter, I will start to post there from time to time. You can follow along as well at


I am a big music fan, but I can’t listen to commercial radio anymore. Occasionally, I check out some of the artists on I recently came across Kate Voegele. WOW…here is a singer/songwriter with a great voice. Check her out on myspace or stop by itunes and you can download her album.


Friday Humor

I was checking out Periapex’s blog, Life’s Context, and while sifting through the site, I came across this really funny post. I grabbed the picture because I thought it was pretty funny.

No Named Electric Toothbrush

Have a Good Weekend!!!



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7 Responses to “Friday Odds and Ends”

  1. Paul Dutra said

    DI, Is this to encourage certain people to brush longer? Is the head replacable? Does it come in soft as well as firm bristle? Most important question: Is this yours ?

    PS: I think it’s made my Stimudent

    Paul Dutra

  2. Periapex said

    Thanks for the mention!

  3. Flap said

    Will you be at CDA meeting next week?

    If so, tweet me @Flap.

  4. dbbill said

    Oral B just bought the patent for it, and Benco will be the sole US distributer

  5. […] having a contest with me to see which of us can eat the most sugarfree gum before diarrhea sets in. @dentalinsider just became more active on his Twitter account after a bunch of people started following his […]

  6. AssociateQ said

    Now there are guys running around selling these things all over the place for half the price as Benco has them listed. I am pretty sure they are grey market.

    I also heard that Schein wanted an sell them, but they demanded an exclusive private label deal. Oh and the samples they received came up missing.


  7. mint said

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    Please comeback to visit my blog too :

    I’m sorry , If you think this is spam. but may i thank you again.


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