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Premier Dental Discontinues Sale of Enamel Loc

Posted by dentalinsider on April 17, 2008

Dear Premier Dealer,

After careful consideration, the distribution and sale of Enamel Loc™ is ending for reason’s associated with temperature excursion problems during shipment. It is currently no longer available for sale.

Our post introduction quality checks indicated that heat and cold temperature extremes may cause phase separation in the resin. Maintaining an acceptable temperature range during normal distribution is not sustainable.

Premier recognized that the success of Enamel Loc created both demand and satisfied customers. Maintaining its success is questionable. This decision is not an easy one but it is the correct decision for our customers.

Product that is on order will be cancelled and product in inventory may be returned for credit by contacting Premier’s customer service.
We thank you for your patience and understanding while we evaluated Enamel Loc during this period.

Source: Premier Press Release



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2 Responses to “Premier Dental Discontinues Sale of Enamel Loc”

  1. Schein Rep said

    And the gray market says there is no reason for concern…. HAHAAAA!!!

    If the doctors only new how much of their product from Dental City, or Omni, or Carolina Dental, or US Dental, or… any authorized dealer

    was kept in terrible conditions on docks and in storage where direct sun light, or extremely hot metal containers bake the material….

    They would save thousands on retakes, or reseating of impressions and crowns respectively …



  2. Tere Pulliam said

    Our office jumped on the band wagon using Enamel Loc – we are now having to replace probably 90% of them, they have come off!
    Anyone else having this problem? This is costing our office a considerable amount of money when you figure time and material.

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