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Premier Dental Offers Dentists A Chance To Make A Difference

Posted by dentalinsider on April 8, 2008

Premier’s Two Striper Make-A-Difference contest

Premier Dental Products Company of Plymouth Meeting, Pennsylvania announces the launch of a genuinely different type of contest, open to all licensed dentists in the United States. The single prize consists of a contribution from Premier of $20,000 made in the winner’s name to the dental charity or dental university of their choice. “We all want to make a difference in our workplace and community and this contest was inspired to appeal to that inner philanthropist in every individual. The prize of a significant charitable contribution empowers the winner to give back on a grander scale than normal circumstances might allow,” states Julie Charlestein, Premier Dental’s Vice President of Branding and Business Development. The Two Striper® Diamond Make-A-Difference campaign runs from February 1 2008 through December 7 2008. For complete details of Premier’s Two Striper Make-A-Difference contest, including entry form and contest rules, visit, One winner will be chosen on December 15th and a check will be presented in their name to the winner’s approved designated recipient. DI


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13 Responses to “Premier Dental Offers Dentists A Chance To Make A Difference”

  1. I hope that the winner will consider Oral Health America!

    Thanks to Julie Charlestein, Premier has also been very helpful in donating fluoride varnish to our public health partners.

  2. I have heard that there is a recall on their Enamel Loc product, anyone know anything about it?


  3. Dental Guy said

    Enamel Loc is simply a bad product and Premier shouldn’t be selling it. Clinicans are finding horrible retention rates, and many providers have been sending out lots of notices warning other people not to use this product.

    If it was really possible to eliminate the etch process, we would probably see other companies selling similar products. However, nobody else has come out with a self etching sealant.

    The case with Enamel Loc is another reminder that companies claims need to be backed up with clinical evidence not just advertisements. Last I heard, Enamel Loc only had one published study verifying it’s claims. One is not very much!

  4. Ledger said

    For years the dental business was seen as a closed profession that only those familiar with dental products seemed to be envolved in.But lately I’ve noticed a trend towards non-dental field people becoming more & more on the scene particularly in the management of Patterson,Benco,and even Schein…has the day of the specialized sales person gone ?

  5. Isn’t it very uncommon in the dental industry to have any type of recall?

  6. AssociateQ said

    Shawn –

    You’re right, don;t think you see a recall very often at all. In fact not sure when the last time I saw a voluntary recall. You will see FDA forced recalls, but never voluntary.

    All of a sudden one day the product is no longer available. Funny thing is that as bad as Enamel Loc might be, I will bet you there are a few docs out there who swear by it. It is funny how that works.


  7. I got an email from a reader and said they had a copy of a letter or email that Premier sent out. They said they were going to forward it to me, havn’t seen it yet, I will keep checking for it.


  8. TJ said

    From a distributor’s point of view (authorized, no less – no grey mkt. BS here), Premier told us that Enamel Loc was “unavailable to ship due to cold weather”. Apparently, they had “discovered” that they had a lot of failures when the product got too cold during shipment. (I had a lot of customers complaining long before that about failures – even during summer months!) Next thing we know, it’s discontinued. From the feedback that I got from my customers, it was VERY technique sensitive.

  9. Dental Guy said

    I think it was mostly hygienists that wear “swearing” by it. In the PR pieces on their website Premier had several “testimonials” from clinicans. Dentists do play a role in providing sealants (like approving which teeth can get them), but in many states sealant placement is really just a job for the hygienist.

  10. AssociateQ said

    Yea, they sell them to kids by saying “Don’t all your friends have sealants?”

    Then what happens when the sealants wear away? And the teeth have been etched? And they don’t get them redone? Then they drink a 12 pack of Pepsi?

    But hey, most offices have the hygienists working on commission now.


  11. Ledger said

    What in the opinion of the viewers is the best replacement for Enamel Loc ?

  12. I had to get the letter through a friend of mine I guess only the large dealers get word of product recalls.

  13. Dental Guy said


    In this case, the teeth have not been etched. That’s why this product was so bad. It claimed to be “self-etching” but in reality there was no etch process.

    There are lots of excellent sealant products out there. Just about every major consumables manufacturer sells sealants. Many have some unique attributes like color change technology, ACP, as well as the ability to work in a moist field.

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