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Leventhal Dental Acquired by Patterson Dental

Posted by dentalinsider on April 1, 2008

We are pleased to announce that Patterson Dental has acquired Leventhal Dental. This acquisition is exciting, as it offers you the combined expertise of both Patterson and Leventhal.

Patterson Dental Company was founded by M.F. Patterson in 1877. Abraham Leventhal founded A. Leventhal and Sons, Inc. in 1898. Thus, two very long-established veteran dental dealers will contribute over 240 years of experience and service to the dental profession. We share the primary goal of taking care of the customer. A great deal of effort has gone into this transition process.

A leader in the industry, Patterson maintains exclusive distribution rights to cutting-edge technology, such as the Sirona CEREC® 3D restoration system and Schick digital X-ray. Additionally, Patterson partners with top-name manufacturers who share our integrity and dedication to providing the highest-quality solutions. Other comprehensive resources include the Patterson Technology Center, an unprecedented dental technology support infrastructure, and the annual Patterson merchandise catalog – featuring over 90,000 products.

Changes include the transition of the Leventhal office in Scranton, Pa., to a branch in the Patterson organization. The nearby Patterson Wilkes-Barre (Pa.) Branch will move into this facility, to form the Patterson Scranton Branch. Jeff Leventhal will join Patterson as manager of this Patterson Scranton Branch. Ted Vlamis will continue in a management role, as sales manager at Patterson Scranton, and Jerry Ritter will fill the role of operations manager of the new merged branch.

Providing your practice with the service you deserve remains our highest priority. We sincerely look forward to working with you and supporting your practice as your one-source supplier long into the future. Your representative will be contacting you to answer any questions you may have. Or, please feel free to call your local branch office.

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10 Responses to “Leventhal Dental Acquired by Patterson Dental”

  1. kp said

    This is not an April Fool’s gag.

  2. Jobless said

    This is no joke, ask all the former Leventhal employees who spent their day down the unemployment office today.

  3. dbbill said

    Aprils Fool’s day would be HSIC buying Patterson, or vice versa

  4. AssociateQ said

    I really would like to hear some dialogue on this one.

    First, the employee situation. From press release at Yahoo:

    Scott P. Anderson, president of Patterson Dental Supply, commented: “In addition to strengthening Patterson’s current position in the northeastern U.S., this acquisition expands the range of products and services available to Leventhal’s customers,while creating additional opportunities for the employees of this third-generation distributor.

    So Scott Anderson says this in a press release, yet Jobless is basically saying that many/some/all/? Leventhal employees were let go. So someone is lying. Let’s see, I don’t know Jobless but I do know Scott Anderson is a stock option back dating jackass.

    So basically the president of a S&P 500/ Nasdaq 100 company probably lied (well the president of a division of an S&P 500 company any how). Oh, what a surprise!

    Second, I am wondering what this acquisition actually means? So PDCO buys Leventhal and gets $18 million a year company. It is a step down from the last dental buy at a $50 millions, which was their second largest dental acquisition ever.

    What I would like to know is how this went down? If my memory serves me correct Leventhal was a part of the “Indy Crowd” that put out the interesting, yet short lived Anti-Dentsply campaign. Don’t get me wrong, anyone who owns a business has the right to sell it whenever the hell they want, but I just want to know why did they sell now? I mean you run a business for 110 years and now you sell? They either got a nice deal or a were in some trouble.

    If they got a good deal then more power to them. If they were in trouble I don;t mean any disrespect, but I want to know if this is a sign of things to come? Will there be more buyouts? PDCO seems to go small and focus on USA, while HSIC goes big and international. But if this acquisition train gets moving again who will be left?

    Plus, is there an angle with Benco on this one? They can’t buy them, so they buy around them? Force their hand? I mean on any given day you can ask someone and they will say PDCO is buying Benco. That rumor has been floating since the beginning of time.

    I am just interested to hear more about this deal and why it went down. Maybe they were just like the majority of people I talk to these days, sick and tired of this industry.

    Any thoughts?


  5. I thought for sure you would post about Schein & Patterson merging 🙂

  6. Dental Guy said

    Well, HSIC’s senior executives are more focused on their medical business.

    What does that say about dental? They must be pleased with how things are going….

  7. PArep said

    It was ‘some’ employees. Mostly wharehouse personnel, and a purchasing agent, and a few administration positions due to the fact of Patterson not using the buillding for merchandise supplies. Jeff managed to keep over 75% of his staff.

    I think this was moreso Jeff’s exit strategy than anything else. It was my understanding that he approached them, not vice versa.

    Leventhal’s holdout on Dentsply was quite impressive. They managed to convert a huge percentage of business, just from customer loyalty. It will be interesting to see how loyal they will remain to Jeff in the future, then again, Benco is really the only independent left in Northeastern PA, so there really isn’t a small independent to fill in that niche.

  8. We heard from several “former” Leventhal reps the past couple of days. The sales manager and one sales rep. were axed. Several inside people were also phased out. This will certainly give Patterson a much stronger presence in NE PA. Patterson will close down their branch in Hanover Twp, PA and move into the old Leventhal building in Scranton. This will happen rather quickly. Sounds like the move will happen in the next couple of weeks. It will be interesting to see how this consolidation of dealers plays out.

  9. dentalpro said

    They put up a valiant effort but ultimately, Dentsply really put a hurt into their profitability. Jeff did the prudent thing by selling out while the company was still in the black. In addition, this is a good fit for Patterson as it solidifies the Scranton/Wilkes Barre market and adds a bit of punch in the Philly market. Leventhal has outbound reps with solid relationships so this is not another Accubite acquisition. This is a good one, kinda like what Blue Ribbon was in Utah.

  10. Jobless said

    Hello again. They let go of 30% of the Leventhal employees, I was one, and believe me from talking to the others that are left, it’s just a matter of time before so much more are gone. Leventhal Dental was one of the dealers who had lost the Dentsply line a year and a half ago and Mr. Leventhal had taken out a full page add in DPR that it was the Walmarting of America and Mr. Integrity sold his company to Mr. Sam Walton himself! What a fraud!

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