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Hinman Meeting

Posted by dentalinsider on March 16, 2008

We are hearing that the Hinman Meeting in Atlanta was closed Saturday after the damaging tornado struck Downtown Atlanta on Friday night. We hope everyone is OK.

Update: We heard today that the Patterson Dental Booth was destroyed along with several others. Here is a link that our friends at Dental Sales Pro found along with some pictures. 



6 Responses to “Hinman Meeting”

  1. Yep sounds like Hinman was cut short. I pulled a couple articles off the web which you can find on our site. One interesting thing I found on the web was a blog by an RDH. She has a recap of what happened and several interesting pictures. Here’s the link


  2. […] The Dental Insider will have supplier comments once they are able to sift thru the mess […]

  3. Here are some shots of the convention hall sent to me by my friends at AstraTech. I will post some of my own photos tommorrow. I was in the Omni looking out the window admiring the lightning when it hit- you never saw so many people jump down at once. Lots of stories and luckily only bumps and scratches.

  4. Paul…

    WOW! Those are amazing pictures. For reference, what hall was the Hinman in? Did you get to peek in that hall?


  5. AssociateQ said

    It sounds like everyone was pretty much OK. Does anyone know if there were any major injuries?

    I hope everyone is OK and if the worst thing is some damaged booths, those can always be replaced.

    Thanks Paul and others for posting the pics.


  6. I was not allowed into the hall these were taken by someone who I assume snuck in. The exhibits were downstairs in I think Hall C. I have some pics fomr minutes after the tornado in front of the Omni Hotlel. I’ll try and post them ASAP. also note this one that was just sent to me- inside the hall:

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