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New Product: Perio Probe for DIAGNOdent.

Posted by dentalinsider on March 6, 2008

The DIAGNOdent can now be used to detect subgingival calculus for the treatment of periodontal disease.

The new Perio Probe tip is now available for both the DIAGNOdent Classic as well as the Pen version. The DIAGNODENT Perio Probe allows the clinician or hygienist to look beneath the subgingival surface to detect calculus left behind after routine root planing and scaling. Clinical studies show that incorporating the DIAGNOdent into periodontal treatment improves the therapeutic outcome for patients.

The tips retails for $320.00 and are available for both models of the DIAGNOdent. Both tips are available now for immediate shipment.

Kavo says to check their website for more information on the Perio Probe tips…after quite an extensive search, I found nothing relating to the perio probe tips on their website. Hopefully they will update their website soon.



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One Response to “New Product: Perio Probe for DIAGNOdent.”

  1. The information is on the international site

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