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Chicago Mid-Winter Meeting Going on Now

Posted by dentalinsider on February 22, 2008

logo-mwm.gifThe Chicago Mid Winter meeting started today and runs through Sunday. This show is considered the “Crown Jewel” of all of the trade shows as it is the place where manufacturers tend to launch new products. This show also marks the start of my yearly campaign for all of the trade shows to release actual “through the door” attendance numbers instead of those “less than accurate” attendance numbers they will release after the show. The numbers that are released are “pre-registered” numbers, so they do not give a true representation of the amount of people attending the show. For example…Dr. Smith registers he and his staff of 4 for the show months in advance. The week before the show his best buddy invites Dr. Smith to go with him down to Cancun to go fishing. Dr. Smith accepts and he nor anyone from his office attend the show. There are 5 people that will show up on the attendance reports, that actually never made it to the show, and this is a common occurrence. I think you all get the point.

The technology is in place currently to report “through the door numbers”. All of the badges now have magnetic stripes on the back for manufacturers and dealers with data capture devices to record attendees information. The trade shows can scan each badge once upon pick up/check in to record the actual attendance numbers.

Unfortunately, the trade shows don’t want those numbers to get out as they will be substantially less than reported. Manufacturers and dealers would see their cost per attendee rise and some would question whether the costs are justified.

What are your thoughts? If you exhibit at trade shows, have you cut back on exhibit space or the number of trade shows you exhibit at? Are trade shows worth the cost to exhibit?

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OK…I am done for this year.



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3 Responses to “Chicago Mid-Winter Meeting Going on Now”

  1. caineman said

    I heard there was good traffic on Friday morning. Any word on how was business?

  2. Dental Guy said

    Overall, people on the floor were very pleased with how things were going. Some vendors seemed very thrilled that dentists were buying this year.

    I asked one vendor how Yankee went, and I was told it was horrible. The new venue’s location did not help the situation. The trade show manager sounded like the company would be re-evaluating what it does at Yankee, but they were very pleased with the CDS meeting.

    Sunday is probably a slow day..Chicago is also having some much needed beautiful sunny weather!

  3. Dick McManus, DMD. said

    A note on Yankee Dental. Those of us (dentists) that attended yearly were told for 32 years that the winter dates were all that they could get at The Hynes and maybe a spring date would pop up someday. But even with the change to the new Convention Center the same dates were chosen and some of us have had enough and chose to stay home. Over the years The Hynes was enclosed and you could walk between hotels and the Hynes and the Prudential center and leave your coats in your room. Now if you chose to stay in the Back Bay you have to be bused through the snow covered steets of Boston to the new convention center and possibly get to you class on time but you surely would freeze on the way. I’m already planning on not attending next year.

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