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Sandy – My Personal Assistant

Posted by dentalinsider on January 29, 2008

logo-header.gifA few months ago I was trying to juggle multiple calendars, to do lists, clients and other miscellaneous tasks. I felt that I was out of control and was not as efficient as I could and should be. I started to scour the web for help and I came across…Sandy. It was love at first site! I signed up for an account and within minutes, Sandy was adding my appointments to my calendar and sending me reminders via email and text message to my phone about appointments or things in my to-do list. Every morning at 6am I get an email from Sandy letting me know what’s on tap for the day.

I found some other great features while exploring, one of which is that you can use Sandy with Google Calendar and with a little plug in, Sandy appears in your google calendar. Another feature that I find indispensable is a link to Jott. Jott allows you to call a special number, linked to your phone and email, leave a message, Jott then transcribes that message and it is sent to your email and a text message to your phone. This FREE service is invaluable to sales people, especially when out on the road.

For example…

While driving down the road, I get a call from a friend in the industry who informs me that he just found out that Danaher was making a bid for Dentsply and gave a few of the details he knew. Immediately, I hang up and call Jott and Jott myself and Sandy and leave the details of my phone conversation. Within minutes the message is transcribed (fairly accurately) and sent to my email. When I get back to the office, I can retrieve the message and review notes before posting on Dental Insider. (This was just an example)

Give Sandy and Jott a try, they are both free and are great time savers. I just wish Sandy could get me coffee…at least I have Kim at Starbucks for that.



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11 Responses to “Sandy – My Personal Assistant”

  1. Dick McManus, DMD. said

    how about more on the dentsply bid?

  2. Thanks for the info. on I’ll try it out. I use a hand held Sony right now and then have to listen to it and write everything down.


  3. Now that’s cool! Do they have male versions of these? šŸ™‚

  4. Dr. McManus….

    You’re reading too much into this….at least for the time being! šŸ™‚


  5. Dental Guy said

    Speaking of Danaher & Dentsply… Why did Dentsply sell Gendex to Danaher several years ago?

  6. I had a very interesting discussion about the Dentsply/Danaher connection the other day. The question was brought up to me if Danaher bought Dentsply (which I don’t think would happen). Myself being a Kerr dealer would I take the Dentsply line back on after what they did to us and the rest of the dealers? It makes your mind ponder, I’m not sure if I could get the 2 knives out of my back to let the wounds heal.

    I would love to hear everyones elses thoughts on this even though it is all speculation. Most speculations in our industry seem to have roots though.

  7. Gendex Employee said

    Dentsply wanted to get out of the large equipment manufacturing biz, and I think their pharma business needed cash badly.

  8. Gendex Employee said

    Danaher wants to jump on the digital medical boom that is happening and will continue to happen for the next several years.

  9. Dental Guy said

    That wouldn’t surprise me. Oraquix sounds like an expensive flop…

  10. FYI – Jott does use a transcription service in India for some of their calls. That’s how they get the high voice analysis score. Real people are hearing and fixing what the voice system doesn’t get right.

  11. So I have tried Sandy on my personal email for home and it’s pretty neat. I like how it will email you your daily digest of things to do. I’ll keep playing with it more to see if I should utilize it for work. Not sure it’s much different than using my reminders on outlook yet. Thanks for sharing it with us.

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