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Remembering Paul Goldstein

Posted by dentalinsider on January 3, 2008


We received an email from Neil Goldstein regarding the passing of his brother, Paul, a dental industry veteran. We thought we would pass along this information.

My name is Neil Goldstein. My father is Irwin Goldstein, former owner and founder of MoDent and MoQuip Inc, of New York, and one-time president of the DDA. Both of my brothers, Lee and Paul, and I worked for the family business and other Dental Dealers over the past 35 years. Lee is currently an equipment specialist with Schein. My brother Paul and I were working at Becker-Parkin Dental when it was taken over by Schein and Darby. I found work in the computer industry, but my brother Paul was fighting cancer at the time of the sale, and had just discovered that it had returned aggressively. He had to turn down his offer from a well-known dental manufacturer and resume treatment.

Paul passed away Saturday, December 22 from complications of Head/Neck cancer. He went quietly and peacefully with his family at his side.

Here is a link to the website I have set up in his honor. It has a copy of the sad email I sent when he passed, some updates, a good picture of him, and a link to his obituary.

We have set up a trust fund for Paul’s daughter Stephanie, 19, who is in college to become a teacher. Anyone interested can email the site at

We are also collecting stories and other memories. Paul was quite a character and everyone seems to have a good Paul story.



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