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Holiday Fun Part 2

Posted by dentalinsider on December 17, 2007



One Response to “Holiday Fun Part 2”

  1. AssociateQ said

    I just want to take a minute to wish everyonea very Merry Christmas and hope that everyone stays safe over the New Year. It has been a strange year, and every month my blood pressure got worse. So hopefully 2008 will be a little calmer, but I doubt it. But I have enjoyed the posts on this board and the opportunity to put some information out in the open for people to read.

    I really want tot thank DI for giving all of us this place to come and post our thoughts, uncensored and in the open. I know our biggest fans are at the PDCO and HSIC corproate offices, so I hope we could give you something to gossip about.

    Seriously though, one thing to remember is that drinking and driving is dangerous. Be careful this New Years Eve becasue even if you are not drinking as the roads are always filled with others who are.

    A safe and happy Holiday to all!


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