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A Now…. A Word From Our Sponsor….

Posted by dentalinsider on November 12, 2007

After debating this with myself for several months, I finally agreed to try a sponsorship deal for the Dental Insider. Please welcome CRS – Cassette Repair Service as our sponsor.

CRS – Cassette Repair Service has developed a process to re-align STATIM 2000 and 5000 cassettes to work like new. We inspect to see if it is repairable, clean and straighten, install a new gasket, pressure test and send back to you.

Visit their website or send them an email and tell them you saw them on the Dental Insider.

If you are interested in finding how you can sponsor the Dental Insider Blog or Podcast, send an email to dentalinsider[at]gmail. com



2 Responses to “A Now…. A Word From Our Sponsor….”

  1. Paul Dutra said

    Thank You for the warm welcome DI. I certainly appreciate the opportunity to be the first to support this long overdue and extremely valuable forum. There has been way too much “Cloak and Dagger” shenanigans going on for way too long. Whether it’s the Mega-Dealers holding the proverbial “Gun to the Head” of manufacturers, which of course gets passed on down to the medium to smaller dealers, it’s time to tell the truth and make those responsible, accountable.

    The Dental Insider has certainly assumed the task! The opportunity for so many of us to speak our minds, either openly or behind anonymity, has brought issues from behind closed doors, to center stage.

    Oh Yah, Statim Cassettes. Well it took me a long time to develop this patent pending process but it has begun to pay off. We currently have a 99% success rate and have had no warranty issues to date. I want to thank Scican for being extremely supportive in allowing me to purchase repair parts and to use their name in my advertising. Statim is a wonderful product and has it’s own unique niche in the Dental , Medical and Veterinary fields.

    On the lighter side, I would like to take this opportunity to clear up something that has probably driven some of you bonkers! I have talked to the the Dental Insider. He DOES NOT sound like the voice in his podcasts, he lowers his voice for the podcast. Just thought you’d like to know. Paul Dutra

  2. I can attest to that too, Paul – much different voice! Glad to see DI getting some support – he & Associate Q do a bang-up job here.

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