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Heraeus Kulzer’s Sales Force Going Green

Posted by dentalinsider on October 4, 2007

cp4.jpgAs I was flipping through the September issue of Dentaltown magazine, I noticed a corporate profile on Heraeus Kulzer. There is a sidebar article about how Heraeus is starting to convert their sales force’s cars to hybrids in a effort to go green.

Heraeus’ corporate social responsibility has a considerably broad range of expectations, which transcends developing and manufacturing patient and dentist-friendly products and donating time and money to charitable organizations.

“Yes, we are employees of Heraeus, but we’re also Americans who want to live in a cleaner and greener environment,” says President Christopher Holden. “We want to be a part of that goal.”

So taking a step in the “green” direction, Heraeus implemented a program with its field sales group to provide the team with hybrid (gas and electric powered) cars. The plan is to reduce the amount of emissions the field sales force produces by 50 percent annually, which, according to the company’s figures, would equate to a reduction of about 500,000 pounds of atmospheric pollutants.

The program began in July 2007 with six hybrid cars being delivered to the sales team, and within the next six months to a year, the entire field sales force will be 100 percent hybrid.

The company is not stopping with its vehicles, and is developing other programs to give back to the environment. “We also have internal recycling programs that we use,” says Vice President of Sales and Marketing Mike D’Errico. “A lot of us do it individually, but we thought about what we could do from a corporate perspective to share in that responsibility to have more of an impact.”

“What you’re seeing here is an understanding of our leadership, not only in the aesthetic world, but also by demonstrating a high level of corporate social responsibility,” says Holden.

Source: Dentaltown



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