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ADA Kicks Off In San Francisco

Posted by dentalinsider on September 26, 2007

The American Dental Association heads west to San Francisco, California for this year’s annual session. The Scientific program will run from Thursday to Sunday with the World Marketplace running Thursday to Saturday. Many industry insiders that we have spoken with say that this years show will set the tone for the industry in the coming months. How the economy effects the dental industry will surely be on everyones mind. If you are attending the Scientific programs, make sure you take some time to head down to the exhibit floor and see what the exhibitors have to offer.

I will not be attending this years show but instead will be heading down to the Podcast and New Media Expo in Ontario, California. Looking forward to seeing and hearing some of the leaders in the Podcast and New Media World. Teresa Duncan and Paul Dutra will be reporting back their perspectives on the show.



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13 Responses to “ADA Kicks Off In San Francisco”

  1. Most of our clients are reporting light traffic. One hall is getting more traffic than the other. I overheard one group of attendees at our hotel discussing biking, Chinatown, etc. cause they had “nothing to do” one day. No mention of the exhibits.

  2. Rick Lindquist said

    Traffic was light in my opinion. Not to mention the Schein entire neighborhood of booths. The big are getting bigger. As an eq. guy I find that ADA is not a buying show, my friends that are in financing tell me the same thing.

  3. Thomas said

    ADA = DEAD! We will not be doing anymore ADA shows and we are cutting back the number of shows we will exhibit at. It just isn’t worth the $$$$$$ anymore.


  4. Rick Lindquist said

    Thomas is one of many that are bailing, it’s just way over the top what these shows cost. ADA spent money like drunken sailors, I guess that is easy given that for enough bucks chewing gum can get/buy the ADA seal. It is way past time for reform on these trade shows, expenses are to the point of crazy. My cabinet manuf. must hire their fine union labor to put together the cabinets. We got Kukla, Fran and Ollie, at 158.00 dollars an hour. Between the three of them they did not have a charged screw gun. Everything that is wrong with union labor was personified by these folks. My partner and I accomplished far more than these three alleged workers, good thing or we would have been showing partially assembled, broken cabinets. As it was we showed broken cabinets thanks to the great handling that the extra 4 grand to get the cabinets in at out of the show cost us. I am 100% fed up with getting ripped off.

  5. Rick Lindquist said

    Gotta continue in this vein.
    35 bucks to rent a 3 dollar plastic garbage can.
    135 bucks to rent a 50 dollar chair
    2700 per ten by ten booth space
    The 158 bucks an hour was per person, yup that crew was 474 an hour
    40 bucks to vacuum the booth per day
    And don’t forget to stash your computers and flat screen monitors, so they are not stolen!!!

    And tell me again Dr. you want how big a discount, cuz you bought at the show?

    Tony Soprano’s profit margins are lower than these guys, and at least he’s honest about it, he does hold a gun to your head!!!

  6. Dental Guy said

    I heard Friday was busy, but very few people were buying. Overall, it “was not a good meeting.”

  7. Rick – those charges are amazing. I knew you guys got soaked for holding a booth but holy cow – I’m stunned.

  8. associateq said

    The only way things will ever get reformed is if people stop paying and there are empty booths at the shows. Until then the people who put these shows on will continue to rake in the profits and charge whatever they want.

    The funny thing is that these shows are all about capitalism. One guy trying to outsell another. But the shows themselves are pretty much communism. You will buy your furniture from here! You will use our labor! Don’t even try to sneak in that wastebasket, you have to rent ours fro $50 then pay $25 a night to get it emptied.
    The other thing I want to know is how many people get their bill from the show and there is always like 2 or 3 extra charges for something you had nothing to do with.

    I remember one show they delivered someone else’s stuff to the front of our booth. I told the people and they moved it about 3 hours later. We get back home after the show and receive the bill in the mail and they charged us for the handling of the shipment. I ended up disputing the charge with Amex because the exhibit company was not going to refund us. What a bunch of slime balls.


  9. Associate Q said

    How about this?

    Booth Rental – $2700.00
    Wastebasket – $35.00
    Chair – $135.00

    Watching Earl, his brother Earl and his other brother Earl try to put together your sophisticated dental equipment – PRICELESS

    Unlike anything else there’s the DENTAL WORLD…..

  10. Rick Lindquist said

    I would love to start an industry wide boycott of this craziness. Enough is enough.

  11. Check out 2 previous posts from earlier in the year on this subject.

    Part 1

    Part 2


  12. joe fazzio said


    I also agree with #11 that the dentalinsider posted…

    Joe Fazzio

  13. Dental Guy said

    And we can add another meeting to the calendar next year with the “1st Annual DPR World Meeting” in Las Vegas.

    How can it be annual if it is the first one?? Shouldn’t they call it The First Ever DPRWorld Meeting?

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