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Help Nancy Make Bail…

Posted by dentalinsider on September 21, 2007

Nancy Sakaduski from The Sakaduski Marketing Blog is trying to raise money for the Muscular Dystrophy Association, and needs your help. She is being held in MDA Lockup and is trying to raise bail money for the MDA.

So lets help her out. Make a pledge for any amount, small or large, it goes to a good cause and is a tax deduction as well. We’ll kick it off with $50 from the Dental Insider Blog. You can follow this link to Nancy’s wanted poster and make a pledge. Every little bit helps.

Good Luck Nancy!

MDA serves people with neuromuscular disease by providing clinics, support groups, assistance with the purchase and repair of wheelchairs, braces and communication devices, and summer camp for kids. MDA also funds research grants to help find treatments and cures for some 43 neuromuscular diseases that affect people of all ages.



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One Response to “Help Nancy Make Bail…”

  1. joe fazzio said

    associate Q, reeeeeeelay, JD, KP and others,

    Help Nancy make bail, I did….

    Joe Fazzio

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