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Dental Trade Alliance Annual Meeting Kicks Off

Posted by dentalinsider on July 25, 2007

The DTA’s (Dental Trade Alliance) annual meeting is going on now through Friday at the Nemacolin Woodlands Resort and Spa in Farmington, PA. This is the annual meeting where all of the “Over-weight, Under-sexed, Middle-aged” men that run the dental industry get together to pat themselves on the backs and talk about what they have done over the last 12 months. Instead, they should be talking about the future of this industry and how to stabilize it and make it better. Gentlemen, and ladies….put your ego’s aside and get this industry back on track. If you haven’t already noticed…The Chinese are Coming!

If anyone attending the annual meeting would care to share their insights or observations with our readers, we would be happy to post them. Send them to dentalinsider{at}gmail(.)com



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8 Responses to “Dental Trade Alliance Annual Meeting Kicks Off”

  1. Associate Q said

    I always wondered why I saw people with slings on their arms and their hands wrapped up around this time. Now I know it is from straining themselves by patting themselves on their back.

    But really DI you are dead on, the DTA has been a useless organization for years. It is all about waiting your turn to be President and then bragging about it. It is like a good ole’ boys club, but what I can’t figure out is why anyone would want to be a member. Other than a line on your resume, what does it bring?

    Also, I heard the Woodland’s Resort had to widen all the doorways. So all the DTA people could fit their big heads through them.

  2. Dental Guy said

    Well, there are definitely a few women there. The outgoing president is a woman, the chair of the annual meeting is a woman, and the rep for international committee has been a woman. So, it should be noted that some women have made significant headway in the good ole boys club.

    As for widening the doorways, that’s probably why the registration fee and room rate were so high this year! The resort had to make room for the over inflated EGOS that were about to arrive.

  3. Dental Guy said

    As for the Chinese, I don’t think some companies want to talk about that becuase they are going to be the ones importing the Chinese equipment and selling it under their own U.S. brand name. We all know that the dental industry likes to avoid their biggest problems! What about a discussion about the rediculous ADA Seal process!! Oh my, that would really be fun! Forget about the Chinese, watching the business egos spatting with diva dentists would be something I would pay tickets for!!!!

  4. Associate Q said

    Dental Guy, you are right. As far as the ADA and DTA are concerned the easiest way to deal with a problem is to make believe it does not exist. Either that or they follow the old saying “if you can’t beat em’, join em'”

    Did someone say something about Dentsply making crowns at their lab in China. Sure we believe you won’t sell directly to the dentists. The sad part is the labs buy this plate of crap XRAY is serving up. But ole’ XRAy has it coming because every Dentsply Rep I talk to is counting down to their retirement. But as long as they keep hiring Pillsbury Dough Guys they will be OK.


  5. Joe Fazzio said

    Dental Guy, Associate Q, If your going to slam the Dental Business why don’t you use your real names. DentalInsider “over-weight, Under sexed and Middle aged men” is so unprofessional.

    This is my 40th year in the Dental Business and I’m very proud of that.

    Joe Fazzio ESS
    Sullivan-Schein Dental
    San Jose Ca

  6. Dental Guy said

    Congratuations on a long and successful career in the dental industry. There are many terrific people in the industry, and I don’t dispute that. My only signifiant bone to pick with the DTA is their desire to pander to ADA. The ADA is the 800lb gorilla and the DTA has also joined the fray by supporting the ADA’s “pay to play” atmostphere.

    I think that DI and Q were just being extremely sarcastic in their comments, and I certainly got a good laugh out of it.

    As I recall, the main social event at the DTA two years ago was riding on a mechanical bull. Last year, it was sailing on Lake Tahoe. This year, one of the excursions was white water rafting. People certainly deserve an opportunity to take a break, but it’s fairly obvious that the DTA could be a more productive organization. As an employee, I take offense to the fact that my boss is getting paid to ride a boat down a river (or a mechanical bull) on a very expensive “work trip” that does little if anything to improve my company’s success.

    Without a doubt there is a legitimate purpose for the DTA, but what does it really do? The stated core purpose of the DTA “is to enhance member success and increase dental demand.”
    What has the DTA done to increase dental demand? It’s pretty obvoius the DTA would never do anything that could possibly irritate the mighty ADA. There are many issues the DTA could pursue that could drastically increase the size of the US dental market, but they don’t pursue them.

  7. Associate Q said

    Dental Guy, you mean I was being sarcastic?? No both DI and I think that all of the members of the over-sexed and under-weight. Wait, wait I mean over-aged and under-sexed. Darn it, now I don’t remember what I meant. But yes, it was completely a sarcastic comment, well at least regarding 99% of the DTA folks.

    But I will say this, and I am not being sarcastic, the DTA is about as big a joke as the NADL. Both are lap dogs for the ADA. The DTA should be protecting manufacturer and dealer interests, which they fail to do year after year. Can anyone point out one positive thing the DTA has to show? Something that has helped the members as a whole? Maybe some kind of campaign or marketing that helps its members? I see commercials and advertisements from the ADA geared to help their members. So what gives?

    Joe, as for posting with our names, I think we have been over this time and time again. I just wonder why you think it so important to know who I or anyone else is? If I posted with my name it would not change my feelings on the subject. So what does it really matter?

    So congrats to you on your 40 years. And I don’t think that any of my posts have “slammed” the entire “dental business”. Unless you think that the entire “dental business” is only a handful of companies. Schein being one of them. But that is typical Schein mentality, thinking that you are “Everything Dental”.


  8. joe fazzio said

    Dental Guy & Q,

    Thank You,

    Joe Fazzio

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