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First Impressions

Posted by dentalinsider on July 10, 2007

First Impressions is a new magazine geared towards dental sales professionals.

First Impressions is a publication whose sole focus is to make dental distribution sales reps better by providing an informational and educational link between dental manufacturers and the distribution channel responsible for selling those products and services to the profession.

Simply put, First Impressions’ objective is to provide resources that enable manufacturers to reach and teach the sales community so that they can become more valuable to their mutual customer-the dentist. Our focus is on the sales people. We will provide information that allows sales reps to operate at a higher level and enable them to better respond to the needs of their customers. When a sales person knows more about his customers, market trends and products, they can be more productive in the field.

This publication will focus on issues that reps themselves tell us are important to them…what keeps them and their customers up at night. Our experience tells us that reps want and need more resources that position themselves to be more valuable to their customers.

First Impressions’ mission is to be the place that reps look to for product information, industry analysis, market trends, and a real-world approach to selling techniques.

I have had a chance to read through their first two issues and they are packed with lots of useful information. Best of all…First Impressions is free to dental sales professionals. Click here to sign up for your free subscription.



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6 Responses to “First Impressions”

  1. Great idea for a magazine – I’m signed up!

  2. Dental Guy said

    Are manufacturers and dealers really interested in advertising in another dental publication????

    Isn’t that was Proofs is about?

  3. does sound like a good Proofs still available?..haven’t seen one in a long time

  4. I forgot all about Proofs. I haven’t seen an issue in a while.

  5. Ledger said

    Yes… Proofs is still being published

  6. Here is a link for the only “proofs” online.

    This is where “First Impressions” has the upper hand. They offer the magazine online and offer it for free. Lately, it seems that proofs doesn’t have much to offer in the substance area and is just a showcase for who’s who in the industry and how they are playing musical jobs and the latest crop of rookies from Schein and Patterson.


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