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In Memory of Kevin M. Dillon

Posted by dentalinsider on June 5, 2007

On June 2, 2007 we lost a great Friend, Husband, Father, Grandfather, Uncle, Brother, entrepreneur, mentor and teacher. Kevin was the founder and inspiration to the Dillon Company, Inc.for the last 17 years and has serviced the Dental industry for over 40 years. He was a leader in his field and an inspiration to many of his colleagues. He will always be in our hearts and greatly missed by many who knew and loved him. For more information regarding memorial services, click here.

Thanks to Mary Frances-Studzinski of Nowak Dental for bringing this story to our attention.



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3 Responses to “In Memory of Kevin M. Dillon”

  1. Mary Frances said

    Thank you for posting this. Kevin deserves it. He and his family have worked so hard for our industry and all of us. He kept us smiling for many years. We appreciate everything he has done for all of us. I wish I could be in Massachusetts with them this evening but will not be able to make it. My thoughts are with the Dillon family.

    With deepest Sympathy,

    Mary Frances

  2. Associate Q said

    This reply should have come sooner.

    My prayers are with the entire Dillon family and everyone at the company. Kevin was a riot to talk to and pretty much always told you what was on his mind. Knew of him for a long time, had the chance to get to know him a few years ago. You always knew where you stood with this guy. He brought some solid products into the industry. Started out as a Navy technician and ended up with a successful company.

  3. An Irish Prayer for Kevin and his family
    “You’ve blessed me with friends and laughter and fun
    With rain that’s as soft as the light from the sun
    You’ve blessed me with the stars to brighten each night
    You’ve given me help to know wrong from right
    You’ve given me so much, so please Lord give me too
    A heart that is always Grateful to you.”

    I could not believe my eyes when I read of Kevin passing. I had the pleasure of getting to know him when he headed up Williams Gold Co. Kevin was so full of life and had such a warm smile and spirit. In 1988 Kevin had a vision to launch Leach & Dillon and saw how technology I had developed, Kevin believed in me when others didn’t, could revolutionize the industry. He gave me the opportunity to create Enamelite and relaunch spray ceramics. He was truly a mover and shaker in the industry and in my opinion a great father,grandfateher, friend, and businessman. I will truly miss seeing and talking with him at various functions.
    Farewell my FRIEND!!!!!

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