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And Then There Were 9…or so…

Posted by dentalinsider on June 1, 2007

Dental Equipment Manufacturers, that is.

The other day the folks at the Sakaduski Marketing Blog were reporting that the Oregon based dental equipment manufacturer, LSM, would be liquidating the company. The scuttlebutt down at the CDA in Anaheim was that the company was for sale and/or would be closing down. When I stopped by the MC&C (Owners of LSM) booth, I noticed that there was not any LSM equipment being shown. MC&C cabinets and equipment (which I thought was made by LSM) and Tech West vacuums and compressors. When I inquired about the rumor and why there wasn’t any LSM equipment in the booth, they quickly dismissed the rumor and I was told that LSM equipment would continue to be made and that the reason there was no equipment in the booth is that they wanted to showcase the MC&C stuff. According to the Sakaduski post, there was a letter sent out to vendors saying that the company would be liquidated. I called some LSM dealers here in the Pacific Northwest, and most had heard the rumor, but no one had received an official letter from LSM.

I made repeated calls to LSM the last couple of days and all I get is a standard voice-mail. I left a message today and have yet to get a response.

So where does this leave the dentist who has purchased LSM equipment in the last few years? What about warranty issues? How about proprietary parts? I know that DCI probably makes a good deal of comparable parts, but what about the parts that were strictly made for and used in LSM equipment?

You see…the statement…”Rumors are facts that haven’t happened yet” seems to prove true, time and time again.

UPDATE: Thanks to one of our readers, we were able to get a copy of the letter that LSM has sent out. You can view it here.



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