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3M Buys Mouth Rinse From Zila

Posted by dentalinsider on June 1, 2007

3M Pays Zila Inc. $9.5M for Rights to Peridex Mouth Wash, Expanding Line of Dental Products

ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) — Consumer products conglomerate 3M Co. said Thursday it has acquired a mouth wash from Zila Inc. for $9.5 million.

Phoenix, Ariz.-based Zila, which also makes tests to detect oral cancer, agreed to sell 3M full rights to Peridex, which is prescribed to reduce redness and swelling of the gums caused by gingivitis. 3M’s subsidiary, Omni Preventive Care, has sold Peridex to dentists since 2000.

The acquisition will bolster 3M’s line of dental products, the company said in a prepared statement.

I wonder if they will continue to sell the Peridex through the Omni division or open it up to dental dealers.



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9 Responses to “3M Buys Mouth Rinse From Zila”

  1. dentrep said

    Patterson already sells Peridex and Vanish from Omni with more product to follow.

  2. Dental Guy said

    Lots of chatter at the Patterson sales meeting last week. Sirona was happily gossiping about the D4D. They are very curious to see when the system will finally go on sale… The big rumor is that 3M was (and could still be) one of the investors in the D4D system.

  3. kp said

    E4D is a joke. Patterson is actually looking forward to it’s release so that they are not selling against a ghost. How dumb are the doctors that actually have ordered the E4D? Zero testing, zero studies and and zero credibility. But pooh pooh the CEREC. it only has 20 years of clinical research and millions of dollars behind it.

  4. KS Dental said

    Patterson is only looking forward to the relase of E4D because competition is good for any product and Patterson has not been as successful with CEREC as they would like you to think. The 20 years of clinical research of CEREC is 20 years outdated. The powder and lack of quality training is its downfall. The quantity of trainers are out there but the training is so inconsistent and the posturing from the certified trainers takes up way too much training time leaving dentists pretty clueless when they leave their expensive two day training course. I’ve worked on the E4D software and am an expert on all applications of the CEREC (owning three of them). I actually can’t wait for the improvement of E4D to hit the market running right past CEREC. If CEREC is so great, why are there only 7,000 in dental offices today out of 300,000+ dentists today? All the years of clinical research cannot dispute the fact that statistics don’t lie . . . and for the (how many millions) did Patterson pay for the exclusive? Yes, this is the millions behind it. Great tax decision for Patterson to take the loss. Guess how many Patterson Execs have purchased stock in Sullivan and Schein for the upcoming release. There’s a joke alright, but it’s not E4D.

    Disclaimer: Not affiliated with either Patterson or Sullivan and Schein and currently own, operate, and train CEREC dentists who complain about owning CEREC. Can’t wait to jump ship. E4D is “excellence 4 delivery” in my opinion.

  5. Dental Guy said

    Dentists are cheap and independent business owners. They are also not early adopters of technology. There are many reasons why they are slow to adopt complex and expensive new technologies. Many dentists do not have the internet in their offices, and they do not use email. Considering how many dentists are still using film and avoiding digital radiography, it’s hardly suprising they are wary of something as reveloutionary as CEREC. The same thing can be said about lasers in the dental office. Drilling cavities vs the laser should be a no brainer, but it will probably be another 20 years and we will still have dentists arguing that lasers are stupid and a waste of money.

    As dental practice management companies become bigger and bigger, it will be interesting to see what role they play in this process. Heartland Dental Care just recently signed an exclusive agreement with Kodak. You would think such a large and successful company would have invested in digital radiography long ago. Maybe the E4D will give the CAD/CAM market a jolt. However, many people are wondering why it’s taking so long to finally start selling the machine. Nearly a year ago, E4D had numerous full page ads in DPR, and many months later it’s still “not for sale.”

    Also, where are you getting this 300,000 dentists #? Are you referring to world wide? The US has something like 160,000 practicing dentists and that # is shrinking each year.

  6. kp said

    Excellent points Dental Guy. Also I do believe that the number of CEREC units is more like 8000 not 7000.
    Also the fact that Patterson execs or anyone else who doesn’t work for Schein would buy Schein stock prior to the release is more of a wise investment strategy than anything. A smart stock buy is just that regardless of the company.

  7. Chris Brown said

    Sullivam Schein in all honesty is the largest distributor of CEREC world wide. Think they are going to release the E4D as competition outside of the U.S.? I think not. The facts have yet to come out, such as the need for a plumber to install the milling chamber??? The need for a compressor to run the milling chamber, it needs air? The fact that SSD has backed away from the powder free promise. Sirona only recommends the use of powder, not mandatory for inlays,onlays partial crowns. So all this time waiting for something magical in the E4D is still yet to appear. Regardless of the product you and you alone decide your profeciency. Gee….$116K to be a guinea pig?

  8. Dental Guy said

    Hmmm, is Henry Schein really the largest worldwide distributor or CEREC? This isn’t the first time I have heard a Schein person claim that they give Sirona more business. Yet, my friends at Sirona usually say such talk is ridiculous….

  9. Ledger said

    Will 3m’s new Lava chairside imaging system spell the end of I-Tero ?

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