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The Fallout Continues…

Posted by dentalinsider on May 23, 2007

As I talked about in my earlier spot quality employees are leaving Zahn like sailors from a sinking ship. If you listen to the management’s spin it is people leaving because they “are resisting the positive changes being made”. Now I would buy that one if it were not quality people leaving. As I told you the East Coast Regional Manager Donna Villarose left about a month ago and her good friend Gabi Seijo who was a a sales representative in Florida has left the company. Also gone is Kari Renner, who was formerly manager of the Reno, Nevada telesales office and later moved into a position that was kind of an assistant sales manager of the entire division.

Now usually 2 people leaving a company is nothing to write home about, but these were two solid, hard working and long time employees. For instance Kari was one of the original telesales reps after Schein purchased Zahn. She ran the entire West Coast operations for their inside sales staff and was the link between the outside and inside reps. I am not 100% sure, but I believe she was given a variation of what Zahn calls an “MVP Award” at one of their past sales meetings. She was instrumental in working with Zahn’s suppliers and handled some of their special sales programs. After Laura Henshaw transferred over to the Sullivan-Schein division Kari was pretty much responsible for all the inside sales reps. A great person, who if any of you had an opportunity to deal with know was extremely knowledgeable and helpful.

As for Gabi, well this is kind of like watching the 2000 Presidential Election. Is Florida going to Bush or Gore? Gabi was one of the Zahn reps left in Florida, but from what I hear she left to go work with Donna Villarose at Dental Supplies Unlimited. So Florida is split now, with 2 Zahn Reps left, how long will they last? If you are a lab in Florida look for big things from Dental Supplies Unlimited ( and wondering where your rep went, call them up because they are probably there.

These two employees leaving are just the latest in the list that is starting to get lengthy and includes some of the inside sales reps from Darby that were in the defunct Georgia sales office as well as other inside and outside reps that came from Darby and also from the previous Pentron deal. Another noteworthy person who left after years of service at Zahn is Mary Frances Studzinski who worked at the now shutdown DLDS operations in Connecticut. She was at DLDS for a number of years and I am not certain the circumstances, but after a leave of absence tried to come back to work and was pretty much shown the door. From what I understand she is now working at Nowak Dental.

Things are getting bad in Melville or good, depending on who you listen to. But if you look past the spin the fact is that long time, dedicated, hard working employees are leaving, loyal customers are complaining and management is starting to point fingers.

Since the response was overwhelming from my previous Zahn post, and it was brought to my attention that Zahn is the 800 pound gorilla in the lab market, so I just want to take a chance list a few of the independant lab dealers that may be near you. These places are pretty much lab dealers, that means they specialize in laboratory products. Here goes, A little free advertising never hurt anyone!

Canyon State Dental (Arizona)

Ott Dental Supply (Pennsylvania)

Trinity Dental (Illinois)

Nowak Dental (Mississippi)

Dental Supplies Unlimited (Florida)

Americana Dental (Kentucky & Florida)

Dental Lab Services (California)

Davis Dental (California)

Adium (California)

Norton Dental (Georgia)

Jack Silcox (Ohio)

Gainesville Dental (Georgia)

I am not affiliated with nor do I endorse any of these dealers. This is not a complete list of dealers and there are some larger independent dealers such as Pearson and Lincoln. I can say that if I were a laboratory, tired of pressing 1, then 2, then 1, then 3, then getting cutoff or even worse getting some sales rep who does not have a clue about the product I am talking about, I might start looking around for a dealer located near me that is helpful, knowledgeable and their accounting department does not threaten me. Keep in mind it is not always about being the biggest, but rather it is about being the best.

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3 Responses to “The Fallout Continues…”

  1. Disgusted said

    Associate “Q”,

    Good luck trying to change the lab business, but Norm Weinstock started the lab business. No matter how much you try to bad mouth Zahn, customers (the biggest customers) will always stay loyal to Zahn as well as the manufacturers. Why would anyone leave a place that makes them the most money? Why would customers leave a place that offers them the most products, rebate potential and credit cards?

    As much as I applaude your efforts, it’s almost sad that you feel as though knocking down a place that gave you so many personal opportunities is now your enemy. For over 25 years you fought for them, now they are the worst company ever.

    So DSU got some good Zahn employees, but a good employee is only as good as the company that backs them. But I wish them luck and I wish you luck on your rampage. Just keep in mind this is a small business and not everyone shares your views. Just like you, people back stab others and your “friends” won’t always take your side.


  2. Associate Q said

    Ok Disgusting I held back from your earlier nonsense, but I simply can’t resist now. You have no clue who I am. I am not Donna Villarose and I am not promoting DSU. I am simply stating facts and also opinions, and by all means you are welcome to try to debate these facts and opinions. But your are way, way off base with trying to “out” my identity.

    Also, Norman did not invent the lab business – It was here long before him and it will be here long after him. It is people like you who buy into the BS lock, stock and barrel that really crack me up.

    So why don’t you debate some of the opinions I put forth, or even challenge my facts? Because you can’t and won’t. You are better off just going back and making sure you keep your job. Becuase nobody at Zahn is safe, even Norman.

    Can anyone say Sullivan Schein Prosthetics?

  3. Mary Frances said

    Some people are not with Zahn anymore by choice. Some people didn’t have a choice. The position we are all most likely in is that we can not discuss any details of why we are no longer there.

    All I can say is that Zahn and I couldn’t come to an agreement when it was time for me to go back to work. For me, things have worked out great.

    Yes I am working for Nowak, as I mentioned in another post. Working for Nowak is more like it was working for how DLDS was. We just do our job everyday, which is servicing our customers by offering new products, mfg specials and product knowledge and working for them!

    It is such a great feeling to have customers tell me they were wondering what happened to me and that they are so glad I am back for them, that they missed and can’t find someone to do what I do for them. I find that so hard to believe but I guess it’s true, they would know.

    To my customers, I was Jensen, DLDS, and Zahn and now I am Nowak to them! Just as a lab tech is the Dr’s reputation, I am the reputation of what ever company I work for. I will continue my efforts to leave a positive reputation.

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