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CDA Day 3 and CDA Wrap Up

Posted by dentalinsider on May 8, 2007

Sunday started off just like every other Sunday in the trade show world. Everyone was dragging their tails and drinking lots of coffee. I understand that the CDA held an Exhibitor’s Breakfast for all exihibitors and those that made it to the show early enough to attend, said it was a nice spread and much appreciated. The traffic on Sunday seemed light in early going, but picked up around lunchtime. I am not sure how the day finished as I took off for Disneyland for the afternoon and evening.

All in all, it seems that this years CDA was above average in terms of attendence and orders written. Although a few manufacturers said it was not as good as 2006, but it was still respectable. There were quite a few new products, some of which I will write about in the next week or so. There wasn’t really any “must see” product that everyone was talking about and digital is still a very hot topic. I heard from a couple exhibitors that members of the CDA staff were walking the floor on Saturday, speaking with exhibitors about this years show and asking for feedback on how to imporve the show. I am glad to see the CDA talking the time to get some feedback from all of the exhibitors and not just a few. I for one had a good time visiting with some old friends and talking with a few new ones as well. Here are a few pictures that I snapped around the convention center.

gc_cda07.jpg rice_rose2cda07.jpg rice_rosecda07.jpg rose1_cda07.jpg



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2 Responses to “CDA Day 3 and CDA Wrap Up”

  1. The Boss said

    You mentioned “digital” was of great interest. In what sense DI? In other words, was it CEREC and chair side applications? Digital X-rays? Was there much talk or interest in digital impressions such as cadent and brontes? I was at the meeting in Reno, so I missed the CDA for the first time in years. Thanks for the report.

  2. When I strolled by the Patterson booth, there were a lot of demo’s going on of Cerec, Eaglesoft and Schick Sensors. Digital sensors were displayed prominently in the Gendex and Kodak (Carestream) booths. Sullivan Schein had two E4D prototypes in their booth but it didnt look as if they were attracting alot of attention. DC X-rays units were the focus at Gendex (new DC unit coming out to replace the dreaded DC 765) and Progeny (Preva). 3M ESPE had a milling unit (Brontes?) in their booth but it was off to the side and I don’t think anyone was demostating it nor talking about it (I thought I had a puicture of it, but I cant seem to find it or the E4D). Lasers also drew alot of attention with Ivoclar’s Navigator Laser and a new uit at Biolase.


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