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CDA Day 2

Posted by dentalinsider on May 6, 2007

Saturday started off a bit slow, but picked up around lunchtime as well as in the late afternoon. Many of the manufacturers that I spoke with said that sales were good on Saturday, but were down overall for this show. There were a few booths that had exceptional traffic today, Colgate, Biolase and GC America. Colgate had a theatre set up for a product demonstration and GC america was playing “Drill or No Drill” they’re version of Deal or No Deal with some beautiful models.

There was the usual sports stars signing balls. The Glove Club had Jerry Rice of Dancing with the Stars fame and Pete Rose, “Charlie Hustle”. Inndianapolis Colts lineman, Tartik Glenn, was signing balls at Best Buy Dental Supply Booth.

I recorded a podcast today, but with the poor wi-fi service here in Anaheim, I think I will post it later this week.

More to follow…



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