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Heading South….

Posted by dentalinsider on May 3, 2007

2006ana_logo_mini.jpgToday, I am off to Anaheim, Ca. for 5 days to attend the California Dental Association show. This is considered one of the top 5 shows in the country and is always fun to attend. I will be posting daily and I am going to record a podcast from the road and hopefully have it posted from Anaheim. (Depending on wi-fi service)

As many of you know, Dentsply released its first quarter earnings on Monday evening. I have spent some time digesting the numbers ,  listening to the conference call and I have a few thoughts on the subject. I will try to get those thoughts posted in the next few days.


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2 Responses to “Heading South….”

  1. Have a safe trip, DI!

  2. The Boss said

    As a further divisive move, that only hurts the manufacturers, a competitive meeting is happening in Reno this weekend. The Western States meeting for labs. I’ll be popping up there for the day, and will try to give a report. I may see D-Rod too…

    Funny, but the labs keep telling the manufacturers that they need to have some pull-through from the dentists. They need them to have the dentists to ASK for their product by name (Lava etc..). But how can a smaller manufacturer send/spend resources on both high dollar meetings at the same time?

    Personally, I’d like to see the lab meetings rolled back into the dentist meetings. It will close the chasm that seems to be growing between the dental office and the labs, and will also give a greater appreciation for the domestic lab maket, and take some steam out of the off shore influence…..or NOT?

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