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Anesthetic Shortage Update – April 15, 2007

Posted by dentalinsider on April 16, 2007

Here is the latest information we have regarding the Anesthetic Shortage. Currently Novocol is running around the clock to keep up with production. A few of the dealers that I spoke with last week were reporting that Eastman Kodak is currently shipping limited quantities of Lidocaine Red (1:100,000) and even less of Carbocaine 3%. Two of the dealers that I spoke with received 1 case (20 boxes) of Carbocaine 3% last week. It seems that all anesthetics are being distributed evenly across the United States and to both small and large dealers. Things seem to be getting a bit better according to my sources.

Here are the latest ship dates, as of April 12, 2007. These dates represent when the manufacturers will be shipping to dealers. Don’t hold them to it though…

Eastman Kodak

Lidocaine Red (1:100,000) – End of April 2007
Lidocaine Green (1:50,000)- Available now, limited quantities
Carbocaine 2% End of May 2007
Carbocaine 3% End of May 2007
Marcaine Available now, limited quantities


Octocaine Red (1:100,000) Mid May 2007
Isocaine 2% Available now, limited quantities
Isocaine 3% End of May 2007
Septocaine 4% Available Now
Lignospan Std July 2007
Lignospan Forte July 2007

I checked the Septodont and Eastman Kodak sites for updates, Septodont had the same Winter 2007 letter that we posted last month and Kodak still had nothing!



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One Response to “Anesthetic Shortage Update – April 15, 2007”

  1. We received a short supply of Carbocaine and Lidocaine in stock today. Maybe the shortage is getting better as we only ordered the Lidocaine about 2-3 weeks ago.

    Shawn Nowak
    Nowak Dental Supplies Inc.

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