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Posted by dentalinsider on April 4, 2007

adia_logo2sm.jpgA few weeks ago I came across a Dental Implant Blog that was linking to the Dental Insider. After spending some time reading the posts, I contacted the author, Teresa Duncan. I wanted to find out more about the blog and the organization, Association of Dental Implant Auxiliaries (ADIA), that she works with. Teresa started in dentistry fourteen years ago as an Assistant, then Office Manager. She furthered her education with a MS degree in Healthcare Management. Currently she is pursuing CFE status (Certified Fraud Examiner). Throughout the year, she attends numerous CE courses.

The ADIA is trying to raise the awareness of the auxiliary’s role in Implant Dentistry. We strive to help the auxiliary become a value to the profession by increasing the education and opportunities available to our members. I hope this blog becomes a daily read for not only licensed practitioners, but all who are interested in Implant Dentistry. – Teresa Duncan

How did you get started with the ADIA? I attended a Winter Symposium and was impressed with their staff-centric focus. They truly believe that through higher education and professional pride, a higher level of implant dentistry is delivered to the patient. It has been a privilege to work closely with Executive Director, Lynn Mortilla, RDH. The energy she brings to the Association is inspiring. After attending one of her seminars, you truly feel armed with knowledge.

Who is your targeted audience? Although the focus of the blog is Implant Dentistry, topics can range from practice management to clinical information. My hope is that The Implant Blog becomes a valued source of information for both dental professionals and dental consumers.

Stop on over to the Dental Implant blog and read some of the posts, Teresa has alot of good information to share. Add the Dental Implant Blog to your RSS reader.

Thanks again Teresa for taking the time tell us about the Dental Implant Blog. Look for an interview with Teresa in a future podcast.



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9 Responses to “The Dental Implant Blog”

  1. Ben said

    I too recently came across Teresa’s site. I find it very interesting, especially as a student. I can get a ‘real world’ view on current dental products and what practices use as opposed to the shovels and shovels of stuff we are force fed each day in dental school! I hope to get the same from THIS site, as I have found it through Teresa’s. No doubt you will be linked to from my site in the next couple of weeks, along with Teresa’s (as soon as finals are over).
    I added you to my google reader, keep up the good work.

  2. teresaduncan said

    Glad you like it, Ben! And thank you so much for the write-up, DI!

  3. Thanks in the same way we hope our site will serve to help dental professional use simplant computer simulate any implant surgery and the placement of implants and crowns with greate accuacy.

  4. Dan said

    I saw an interesting video… after seeing this video, you’ll want to know where your dental work was made.

  5. AssociateQ said

    I had not seen that new report, very interesting.

    The questions remains, will anything ever happen to regulate the lab side of the industry? What is it going to take?


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  7. Petros said

    I’ d like your opinion about torque abutment screw tightening

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