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Ivoclar Vivadent Announces The Odyssey Navigator

Posted by dentalinsider on March 10, 2007

Industry Leading Technology in a Diode Laser

Amherst, NY (February 8, 2007) – Ivoclar Vivadent, Inc. introduces the Odyssey® Navigator soft tissue diode laser; the latest addition to the Odyssey line of laser products. The Odyssey Navigator features technology that provides more convenience, easier operation, more flexibility and unmatched portability. Engineered with the patient in mind, the Odyssey Navigator provides unsurpassed capabilities continuing Ivoclar Vivadent’s tradition of quality and revolutionary products.

The Odyssey Navigator is the first truly portable diode laser. The unique design features a docking cradle that secures Odyssey Navigator on a countertop and provides a charging base for the rechargeable battery. Incorporating a state of the art lithium polymer battery allows you complete freedom to use the Odyssey Navigator in any operatory in your office.

Comfort & Convenience

The single most important feature of a hand piece is how comfortable it feels in your hand during use. The ergonomic design creates a hand piece that is a pleasure to work with for every procedure. Unique to the Odyssey Navigator are uni-dose fiber tips that are delivered, not only sterilized, but also pre-stripped and pre-cleaved. This revolutionary idea allows for fast, easy operation by simply snapping a new tip on the hand piece and you are ready to laser!


The Odyssey Navigator utilizes the 810 nanometer wavelength, the proven technology in dental diode lasers. This wavelength has a high affinity for gingival soft tissue making it an invaluable tool for esthetic sculpting, accessibility, isolation and the healing of soft tissue. The Odyssey Navigator is powered by 3 Watts of efficient lasing technology providing you access to the most sophisticated, precise, and minimally invasive technology in dentistry.


The Odyssey Navigator comes standard with over 30 pre-set clinical procedures installed along with the ability to create your own programs. The intuitive software design is easily navigated and selecting a program is as easy as a touch of the state of the art touch screen monitor. Included in the software design is the ability to use the “Quick Set” feature which allows you to simply select Mode, Set Power, and Go! Nothing could be easier.



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