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Chicago Mid-Winter Wrap Up

Posted by dentalinsider on March 6, 2007

The Chicago Mid-Winter has come and gone, with little fanfare. The consensus of many of the individuals that I spoke with was that traffic seemed good on Friday, but Saturday and Sunday were big disappointments. A few manufacturers reported strong sales, while others felt that this years meeting was one of the worst in years.

How much longer will the industry put up with lackluster attendance at these meetings? When will the organizations that put on the meetings release actual “through the door” numbers instead of “pre-registration” numbers? The industry needs to do something to make these trade shows profitable instead of the money pit that they are. Let’s hear your thoughts on the subject. Post a comment or send us an email to: dentalinsider@gmail. com

Associate Q spent some time at the Lab Show put on by Lab Management Today magazine and you read his review of the show and the lab industry here.



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One Response to “Chicago Mid-Winter Wrap Up”

  1. Associate Q said

    DI, you are right and I never really thought of it that way. What are the “through the door” numbers and not the pre-registered count? You know the one thing that is missing from this industry is HONESTY. I know many manufacturers, dealers, etc who are tired of dumping tens of thousands of dollars into these shows for a poor return. But come on let’s all get real, who the heck wants to go to Chicago in February? I mean I love the Windy City as much as the next guy, but brrrr it is cold there and I woudl much rather be in Florida, Arizona, ummm maybe Vegas? I mean I think the CDS does a good job with the show, but ask me to come in may, so I can catch a Cub’s game.

    Just my take.


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