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Kavo Responds…

Posted by dentalinsider on March 2, 2007

I am the Product Manager at KaVo and am responding to your article regarding KaVo Environment Equipment.
I am pleased to report that the KaVo Environment Equipment line is and will continue to be available for sale. I realize that in recent months there has been speculation throughout the industry regarding the KaVo Environment Equipment line. Let me again reiterate (the point is very important), we have no plan to stop selling or supporting the KaVo Environment Equipment line. We will be marketing, selling and supporting the line in 2007, 2008 and beyond. Let me also address the questions raised about our booth at the Chicago Mid-Winter Meeting. Our sister company, Pelton and Crane, completed the successful product launch of their new Spirit 3000 dental unit at the meeting. We made the decision to use our booth space to support Pelton with this launch and promote the integration of the KaVo TLC electric motor in the new 3000 unit. This decision was made strictly to support this launch and in no way was it intended to signal anything regarding the KaVo Environment Equipment line.

Beginning at the Hinman meeting later this month and at all major shows in the future, the KaVo Environment Equipment will be on display. Additionally, we continue to maintain our Showroom in Lake Zurich, IL displaying the full line of KaVo Environment (chairs, units, lights, stools and cabinetry).

I would invite any dealers/doctors interested in KaVo Environment Equipment to visit our website at or contact your local KaVo Environment Equipment sales representative.


Thank you for clearing up the issue!



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