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Is Kavo Out of the Operatory Equipment Business?

Posted by dentalinsider on February 28, 2007

Has Kavo dissolved their chair, unit, light and cabinetry division in favor of the Pelton & Crane line? For some time there has be speculation that Danaher wasn’t going to keep 3 major equipment lines and since Kavo and Pelton & Crane are considered premium lines, one would have to go. So it looks as if Pelton & Crane will join Marus in Danaher’s North American dental division.

“Kavo equipment was noticeably absent at the Chicago Mid Winter Meeting last week.” says a dental industry veteran. In the Kavo booth where Kavo equipment normally sat, were two Pelton and Crane Spirit 3000 Chairs and the sign overhead read “Kavo and Pelton & Crane – The Perfect Marriage”

The Kavo equipment is still shown on the Kavo website, but is this the end for Kavo operatory equipment? Kavo has been selling operatory equipment in the U.S. for the last 5-10 years, their main competition was Adec.

“The bottom line is they were determined to get Adec’s market share, even pricing their gear a little above Adec. They went head to head with the big dog and got their asses royally kicked. I wonder how many dentist’s will be stuck with orphans? I guess not that many, or Kavo would have lasted longer.” – DI reader and contributor

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