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The Dental Insider Archives Have Been Moved.

Posted by dentalinsider on February 12, 2007

I was able to move all of the past Dental Insider posts from March 2006 through December 31, 2006 on to this site. You can find the archive links down the left hand column.

Anesthetic Shortage…

How are dental dealers handling the current anesthetic shortage? I have spoken to a few dealers throughout the United States and all of them say that the stock is getting pretty thin and that they have resorted to rationing. Both Kodak and Septodont keep pushing back their delivery dates. Several of the dealers have stated that they are getting about 8-10 calls a week from “non customers” around the U.S. looking to purchase anything they can get their hands on. All of the dealers that I spoke with last week are not selling anesthetic to anyone that doesn’t have an account and some are going by past purchase history.

Here are a questions for the dental dealers…

Dealers…How are you handling the anesthetic shortage?

Send us an email – dental , leave us a comment below or call the comment line @ 206-222-2794



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One Response to “The Dental Insider Archives Have Been Moved.”

  1. We just got 20 boxes of Lidocaine in today and only 3 out of that box weren’t already allocated for customers. In my mind it’s first come first served. I have about 15 boxes of Marcaine as well. We even had a customer in Canada order some, so evidentally it’s not just a US shortage.

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