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Going Once, Going Twice…Sold!

Posted by dentalinsider on February 8, 2007

Dental Supply Auction Sites

Buying dental items via auction is a relatively new practice. For some, they are able to pick up supplies for their office for a fraction of the regular selling price. Some supply houses are using these auction sites to generate new business and also clear out some of those “white elephants” that might be cluttering up the shelves. Many of you know that you can find alot of dental related auctions on E-Bay, but there are two more dental auction sites now. These two sites are for dental products only.

The first is , which is run by the folks at The Dental Shopper. Their tag line is “It’s Like E-bay for dentists.” The site has been up for about a year and has about 50 items listed for sale. Looking through their terms and fees, you can have an auction last 2 weeks to 60 days and the fees are 10% of the selling price. There doesn’t appear to be a listing fee, just the 10% final value fee, which is a bit steep.

The second site is – The Dental Marketplace. This site has only been up for a very short time and have about 75 items listed. This site leans toward “store type” sites. I couldn’t find anywhere in their site if you can just list one item as opposed to setting up a store with multiple items. This site seems very well laid out and easy to maneuver through. They have a feedback type system call “Reputation Ratings”.

I think E-bay is still the best of the three, but in time, they could grab a nice share of the dental auction market. I was speaking with a friend the other day who was going to put a couple of items up on and give me a report on how the system works. I will report his findings in future posts.

If anyone is using these sites to buy or sell, send us a comment or email and let us know how the auction sites work for your practice or business. We want to hear from you.




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4 Responses to “Going Once, Going Twice…Sold!”

  1. DG3 said

    I have sold about 2 doz items on ebay. Mostly handpieces, turbines, stools, etc. There seems to be alot of people selling sundries, mostly at ridiculous prices, so I stay out of that. I will have a looksee at


  2. On you can list items individually. I am currently trying to get rid of the items that Dentsply would not take back, when they cut me off. I have some dispersalloy (500 caps) at super cheap prices if anyone wants any, also Delton and some Nupro.

  3. Well the item that I had listed on sold. I had listed it on ebay about 5 times with no luck. The site was a little confusing when it came to figuring out to send the customer the invoice, but one email to tech support and I had a phone call back the next day showing me what to do. That’s customer service for you. I will definitely be putting more items on this site as it is more geared to our audience than ebay is.

  4. Dal said

    You should also add to the list of niche sites dedicated to the dental community.

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