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Outlook Promising for Dental Equipment in 2007

Posted by dentalinsider on February 5, 2007

FTN Midwest Securities released a report on dental equipment showing good growth in Q406 and continuing into 2007.

“Our research suggests the overall dental equipment market is
accelerating driven by improvements in CEREC sales, and continued
strong results in basic equipment and digital radiography. Moreover, we
believe dental equipment growth will be significantly better in 2007 given the
importance of recent new CEREC products (MC XL milling machine,
enhanced CEREC 3D software with Biogeneric technology) and 3-D imaging

No Slowdown In Dental Imaging Sales

“In the digital radiography segment, demand for SIRO’s CDR product line, DHR’s Dexis, and Air Techniques’ Scan-X system remains strong. In total, we believe the digital radiography market is up over 20% yr/yr, and SIRO is growing faster than the overall market. With penetration rates of 25-30% (assuming only one unit per dental practice) we expect strong digital radiography growth to continue due to the laboratory cost savings, faster insurance payments, and lower radiation levels for patients.”

Download the report here.

On a side note…we have been hearing that Sullivan-Schein has been working on a CAD/CAM system (D4D) for some time and now Kavo is as well.




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