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Windows Vista Arrives…Finally

Posted by dentalinsider on January 31, 2007

The newest version of Microsoft’s Windows became available to consumers on Tuesday after five years of development and a number of delays to improve security. There has been much hype about this new operating system the last few months.

Paul Thurrott is a windows expert and has a Windows Super-site with everything you could ever want to know about Windows.

I checked both Eaglesoft and Dentrix , the leading practice management software websites, and can’t find anything stating that either are Windows Vista compatible. I bet in time, they will be. So am I going to run out and pick up a copy of Vista and load it? No, I think I will wait about 9 months for them to work out all of the bugs and security patches. I think most people are going to take the wait and see approach with regards to Vista. According to one computer expert “There’s no compelling reason for the average home PC user to rush out and buy the Windows Vista operating system when it goes on sale today.” I will wait until Leo Laporte says that its time to buy the upgrade and install it.



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One Response to “Windows Vista Arrives…Finally”

  1. ggwfung said

    probably 10 per cent share by end year. As people upgrade to new machines, they “buy into’ Vista.


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