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Total Access Prophy Angle

Posted by dentalinsider on December 14, 2006

Two-Tip, Non-Freezing, Gearless, Latex-Free, Ultra-Smooth Prophy Angle

Introducing the first gearless, 2-tip, 100 degree prophy angle.

As the name implies, Ho Dental’s Total Access prophy angle allows you to remove stains from even the most difficult to reach areas such as gingival or veneer margins, proximal areas, implants, and around orthodontic brackets.

The cup can be easily pulled off with the thumb and index finger to reveal the pointed tip beneath.

The 100 degree angle is more ergonomic than the standard 90 degrees and gearless design virtually eliminates freezing.

Try it. Your patients will love you for it…and you don’t even have to pay more.

Retail $41.00 / bag of 100 angles

For more information, please call Ho Dental Company at 1-866-430-3718 (toll free) or 1-702-430-9847 or send email to The following dealers are currently stocking the Total Access Prophy Angle.

Practicon 800-959-9505

Valley Dental Supply 800-482-5539

Clinician’s Choice 800-265-3444

Pearson Dental 800-535-4535


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3 Responses to “Total Access Prophy Angle”

  1. Dental Insider said

    Will this become a froum for new prouct releases?

    If manufacturers want to send press releases for new products, I will review them and if warranted, I will post them. The Total Access Prophy angle is a unique item and I thought it deserved a bit of attention.


  2. Anonymous said

    I agree with the previous anonymous and suggest that you reconsider your decision.

    Unless you are using the new products you will not be able to evaluate the claimed benefits which basically makes your useful site a free ad space. As a manufacturer, I will send you every new product we have because many people read your blog and we have many great and unique products. I am sure my competitors will follow suit. Obviously you have the right to not post these or to review them and post only the products you want. I would suggest, however that there are many places to see products and I would rather see your blog continue to do well what it already does.

    Just a thought, your blog.

  3. Anonymous said

    Dentsply has new products introduced all the time. Get ready for their press releases. How do you feel about press releases from direct companies? It is my understanding that the company you list (Ho Dental) sells primarily direct. Your call.

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