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And Then There Were 28….

Posted by dentalinsider on November 28, 2006

Today is the first day of Dentsply’s New U.S. Strategic Partnership Plan. There are now just 28 dealers (22 full line and 6 lab only) distributing Dentsply products. Talking with some of the discontinued dealers last week, they are reporting little resistance to changing their customers out of Dentsply products and onto competing products. I spoke with a Patterson sales rep this afternoon and he reported that he was getting questioned by a few customers about the end user data collection. We should see the effects of this in the Q1 or Q2 numbers that Dentsply releases.


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3 Responses to “And Then There Were 28….”

  1. Anonymous said

    A suggestion for the moderator: Create a quick survey for Dentists to complete recording their opinions on whether they will continue to use Dentsply brands or switch to competing brands.

  2. Dental Insider said

    Great idea! I have been working on the logistics. The problem is that there is no way to limit the poll to dentists only. Therefore, the results can be skewed.


  3. APOLLO said

    If a dentist would be willing to help out the cause I think the Dr. would switch where it makes sense but maybe not switch where there is not a comparable product. Most Dentsply products can easily be replace with other products on the market.

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