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Kerr Addressing Gray Market Issue…

Posted by dentalinsider on November 22, 2006

I received a copy of a letter that is currently being sent
to all Authorized Kerr distributors regarding the new steps Kerr is taking to stop gray market activity. Kerr identifies 5 un-authorized dealers that they they feel are violating FDA regulations.

The dealers named are: Chicago Dental Supplies, Ethical Dental Supplies,
International Dental Supply, Omni Dental Supply and PA Dental Supplies.

You can read the full text of the letter here.

Kudos to Kerr! Maybe 3M/Espe, Eastman Kodak and Dentsply
will follow.


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29 Responses to “Kerr Addressing Gray Market Issue…”

  1. Anonymous said

    I hope that Kerr follows through on this start. I am glad to see that at least one of the major manufacturers is finally willing to step up to the plate and start to address the surging gray market problem. Bravo Kerr, hopefully the other manufacturers follow suit.

  2. APOLLO said

    The last guy must have been a dental supply rep because there are not very many dentists in favor of stopping gray market. This is the big dealers putting pressure the manufacturers for pure profit. How is this good for the dentists?

  3. Shawn said

    This has nothing to do with the big dealers putting pressure on the manufacturers. I know for a fact that the large 2 manufacturers buy grey market. They sell 3M crowns to one of my doctors $5.00 cheaper than the best pricing possible and I have even seen the code numbers being completely different than they should be on the packaging.

    Consider this a dentist buying grey market products is the same exact thing as a customer going straight to a dental lab (denturist) to get work done. Would a dentist like that?

  4. Anonymous said

    The devices Manufacturers make and sell are regulated by the US FDA. Product Liability Insurance is real. If you ever have a problem with a dental device, you will be glad the Manufacturer is backing you up with their and their insurance company’s deeper pockets. If you think we’re going to cover you under our policy if you buy altered product you are sadly mistaken. When you by the grey market or altered product you are on your own. All of the lot tracking information that would be used to help demonstrate the quality that went into the brand is lost when the package is altered. Its not a scare tactic. It is simply the way it works. When you buy our products in their original package, from a reputable dental distributor and use them as instructed, they will perform as designed. That is good for the patient and the dental professional. If you have a question about whether you are buying from a reputable source than you should probably consider selecting a new dealer.

  5. Dental Insider said

    I have been hearing that HSIC and PDCO both buy gray market and they look the mfg (3M, Kerr, Dentsply, etc) and say “What are you going to do about it?” The answer….they are’nt going to do anything about it. Its too bad that the mfg’s dont have the balls to stand up to HSIC and PDCO!


  6. APOLLO said

    BTW Im new to the Dentalinsider blog and I wish it the best of luck. I really have not been around long enough to judge but there is a need for something like this. Kudos and Thank you for letting me express my opinions.

  7. Anonymous said


    Keep your head in the sand. If you think the dental dealers are buying authorized product in the U.S. for less than these other companies are paying for grey market you are sadly mistaken.
    Just as you are mistaken that these products are FDA approved. And yes, legally, they should be.
    This scenario is very similar to pharmaceuticals. The manufacturers sell their products at reduced rates in other countries, simply because the local economy cannot support U.S. prices.
    Apollo, if you are a dentist good luck. Personally I think you are insane for jeopardizing your practice, and a patient to save a few bucks.

  8. Dental Insider said

    The reason that the manufacturer’s sell the product cheaper is becasue of taxes and tarrifs that are imposed on these products when they hit the shores of foreign countries. In many cases, these products cost more in the foreign country than they do here in the U.S. The problem lies with the exporters. They will take a shipment that is destined for another country and it gets sold to the various “gray market” distributors. Many of the manufacturers have been working on tracking these shipments and have even changed packaging, colors even the word “EXPORT” on the package. Heres my take….upper management in these manufacturers is paid on “out the door” sales ans opposed to their sales reps that are paid on zip code sales. So there is little incentive for the mfg to crack down on it…slashing their own paycheck.

    This problem will continue until the mfg’s get serious about the problem.


  9. Major said

    Apollo I give you credit for speaking up. What you are saying is correct, and I would like to ask if anyone reading or posting has dealt with the FDA? First off they are a JOKE. It is all about self regulation, and do you trust some of these companies to regulate themselves? And even if they do it is just like ISO Certification. As long as you say you are going to produce crap, and you follow your guidelines to producing crap, thus making and selling crap – You are A OK. How does that make for a better product?

    But back to my question, who has dealt with the FDA and can definitively say those “gray market” products are not FDA listed? Making that a blanket statement, that means you are saying all gray market products are not FDA listed. That is impossible to say because each product would have to be looked at on a case by case basis. In some instances it is as another poster said, manufacturers are selling so cheap to places like S America that the items make their way back to the USA. So whose fault is that? You ask me? It is the manufacturer. But what a dilemma. A manufacturer wants to sell into a poorer country and is willing to sell for less because they get paid cash in advance. But in my opinion, if a manufacturer is selling a product so cheap in another country that that product can be shipped to let’s say somewhere in South America (costing money). Then the product can be shipped back here. (costing money) Then once it makes it way back here it is sold by a dealer for say 40% less than if the product were the USA version. If all of this happens the way I just said, and the dealer is still mailing money selling for 30 – 40% cheaper then one or two, or even both are happening. The manufacture is totally ripping everyone in the USA off, and/or the dealer selling the USA version product is overcharging. Most likely it is the first option. These manufacturers will get what they can get, where they can get it and that is all they care. Period.

    Also I would like to respond to his post about dental reps being friends, etc. Where are those who bashed me last week when I pointed a similar situation out? Maybe Apollo hit too close to home for you. The fact is that the people are sales representatives. They can dress them up with whatever fancy name they want, but they are nothing but sales reps. And the dental industry is not unlike every other industry, where sales reps will do whatever it takes to make the sale. Of course they have to as they get paid from their sales. Blah, blah I treat my dentists like family. That makes me sick. My new dentist has nothing near the technology of my last dentist, but does that make them lesser of a dentist? They might not have the “best” products as it has been said, and yes, yes they still use amalgam. But my last dentist, a “cosmetic specialist” had all the toys. But you know what, they never used them and they collected dust. You know why? Because their friendly PDCO rep suggested they buy these products because they were the “best”. But where was that PDCO rep when it came time to use the equipment? Maybe they were there, but I ask did the doc really need it? They don’t use it. The same doc has a Cerec 3 collecting dust. The problem with the “doctor should know better” argument is that the doc does the research, he reads up and listens to what others have to say. But you know what, these people talking about the product all have AGENDAS! They are getting paid to talk about the product. When you read a magazine and can’t tell a true article from an advertisement that is a problem. So younger and even more seasoned dentists are getting the wool pulled over their eyes. It happens is many cases and by many people. Where is the unbiased opinion? You simply can’t find it. In this industry it has become less “see a need, fill a need” and more “make them think they need it, they will buy it”.

    As for some of the remaining dealers, they are leaning hard on the manufacturers. Threats, scare tactics, and many more actions that are completely unethical. I hope to be able to talk more about this in a future blogspot.

    Another poster in a different thread said it was obvious I used to be in sales. But he was not sure if it was for a manufacturer or a dealer. I would just like to say my background is much more in depth than working a territory. Plus, if you work for a company that sells products then whatever you do is a sales position. A waitress sells food and a hostess is seating the customer to get them ready to buy, a bottled water salesman sells water and the delivery person sells you the service which keeps you buying the water, and the list goes on. Essentially almost ever person in this world has or is working in sales/marketing.

    But go on and blame the manufacturer, blame the dentist. But make sure you don’t blame the dealers. Their not greedy, no way.

    This industry will become monopolized and everyone will suffer, except as Apollo put it, those with special interests

  10. Dental Insider said

    Just was forwarded an email that was sent out by one of the gray market guys. The email outs the informant (dentist) for Kerr who was buying from the gray market and turning the product over to Kerr.


  11. Dental Insider said


    You deleted all of your own comments…Whats the deal?


  12. APOLLO said

    Gray market and non-FDA approved do not go hand in hand. The issue is if a popular product which is an FDA approved item is produced in Italy instead of Mexico and the Italian factory is making an American companies product but the Italian factory is non FDA approved. My question is why are they producing with their name on it for any country in a non-FDA approved facility? Hopefully the FDA will really do the right thing ask them why they dont produce Herculite Xrv in a FDA approved facility since they are an American company and the product is an American brand name. THEY should take pride by always adhering to the FDA guidelines. The dentists should hold Kerr accountable for its actions. If I was buying a suit. I would pick Italy over Mexico. I dont know why I would pick Mexico on dental supplies over Italy. I dont know anything about the FDA but I hope its not as bad as major suggests. We pay alot of taxes for the FDA to protect us. Maybe Im naive but I dont think Herculite XRV made in Italy instead of Mexico should be very high on their lists. If it is it means there someone dirty. As for packaging changes. I dont believe the allegations against the dealers and no real dentist ever bought the alledged tampered product. I think Kerr is making up stories to hurt the smaller dealers and help out the big guys. But Im one of those guys goes for the underdog. Dentistry today is alot like those smaller dealers that are getting squished. Look at the Medical and Lab offices. They are monopolized and look what troubles they have. Dentists stand strong and enjoy freedom at a level that is unusual in these days of big and bigger. The dentists used to prefer the smaller dealers to the bigger ones. In this new day and age the big guys are here to convice the dentists that there is no other way. They will convince you Bigger is better. Dont fall for the lies. Go with your gut and take a chance. The internet is the way. Custom reorder lists, fast and easy. 24 hours a day. Best advice I could give is dont trust anyone when buying dental supplies. Go in expecting the worst but if you choose the right company then you could be very pleasantly surprised. I like Who will try harder? The big fat rich guy who has it all or the guy trying to feed his family and make his mark. If America gets rid of this type of businessman than we take away chances for our future generations success. Its happening now.

  13. kp said

    “But you know what, they never used them and they collected dust. You know why? Because their friendly PDCO rep suggested they buy these products because they were the “best”. But where was that PDCO rep when it came time to use the equipment? Maybe they were there, but I ask did the doc really need it? They don’t use it. The same doc has a Cerec 3 collecting dust. The problem with the “doctor should know better” argument is that the doc does the research, he reads up and listens to what others have to say. But you know what, these people talking about the product all have AGENDAS! They are getting paid to talk about the product.”

    Major, or Q, or Hack… whatever your name is. What is your deal with sales people? Yes we have agendas, it’s called making a living. What is your grand scheme to solve the dental world’s problems?? Just automated entry systems for all dentists?
    You are such a biased ass. Screw the reps becuase they do their jobs??
    You still haven’t revealed your resume’ to try and substantiate your credentials and what gives you the right to slam reps trying to make sales.

    This was really a good blog until you joined the staff. DI, must be so proud.

    and just so you have the FACTS PDCO offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee on EVERYTHING they sell, including CERECs. There have been units returned. So if you dentist has things he isn’t hapy with then he should return them. It is one of the policies that makes PDCO a great company. If your dentist is dumb enough to let his equipment sit and collect dust, it is his laziness.
    The equipment IS is the best, but if the dentist lacks the initiative to learn about the product he spent money on and integrate it into his practice, that is his problem, not the sales reps. Granted the sales rep should ensure that the doctor is happy with and is trained on his purchase.

    “I have been hearing that HSIC and PDCO both buy gray market and they look the mfg (3M, Kerr, Dentsply, etc) and say “What are you going to do about it?” The answer….they are’nt going to do anything about it.”

    Lastly, Mr. DI .. be a tad bit of a real journalist. Don’t publish hearsay, be a professional and make official inquiries for interviews and get on the record responses.
    I HIGHLY doubt PDCO buys grey market, find me proof otherwise.

  14. Dental Insider said


    “I have been hearing that HSIC and PDCO both buy gray market and they look the mfg (3M, Kerr, Dentsply, etc) and say “What are you going to do about it?” The answer….they are’nt going to do anything about it.”

    “Lastly, Mr. DI .. be a tad bit of a real journalist. Don’t publish hearsay, be a professional and make official inquiries for interviews and get on the record responses.
    I HIGHLY doubt PDCO buys grey market, find me proof otherwise.”

    First…no one will go on the record with a statement about buying gray market.

    I have 2 sources where my information came from. One, was a former mid level executive from 3M ESPE and the other is a gray market distributor who has sold to both HSIC and PDCO. I would love him to fax me a copy of an invoice, but that will never happen.


  15. Dental Insider said

    To all Comment Posters…

    Thank You for your input. I think that these discussions are healthy. Lets try to keep the bashing to a minimum at best.

    Thanks Again


  16. Dental Insider said

    These are all of APOLLO’s comments that he decided to delete today. They are very pertinent to this discussion. We have very extensive IP logging and tracking tools at our disposal and tonight I discovered that Apollo is none other than Paul, the owner of Chicago Dental Supply.


    DI I could not agree more. I also believe there is little if any risk. Ive always thought that much of this stuff doesnt leave the country. What do I know. I just know the facts are there have not been any problems with any gray market good tampered with or not in the last 5 years and I would estimate gray market sales over the last 5 years would be in the ball park of about 1 billion. This is not a small time problem. One manufacturer told me they know the big dealers sell the gray market and they will “someday soon” get tough with them. The only thing that has been done so far is try to scare the dentists. That doesnt work very well when you are dealing with educated people. To live in fear where fear be not is to not live at all. ps Im not a dentist. Im a dealer who knows what costs are for the small guy and the undertable deals that the big guys get but most sales reps dont know because then they would have to pay commision. What do I know Im just a guy with my head in the sad. Cmon give me a break. Lets try to keep it civil and tell the truth. I bet the interest in this thread is 100 to 1 dealers to dentists. Lets have a little fun but lets try and keep it real from this point out. These guys love to hide behind real dentists and pretend to be out for the dentists interest. Sort of a weird “body snatching thing” lol I like the dentists who have the smarts to call up the companies and try and see what happens. All gray market products sold to US dentists are FDA approved formulas. If not name one. cya
    The answer to the manufacturers problem is giving the smaller dealer a fighting chance. Kerr and Dentsply do not want to do this. Imagine how much money they make off the Schein’s and Patterson’s. If the manuf. can sell to other countries for $10 and still make a profit and the big dealers are paying $50. You pretty much do what the big dealers tell you and when they say do not set up any more dealers companies like KERR listen. I know for a fact Kerr told one of those dealers that they would like to set them up but they are afraid of losing the big dealers business. Kodak has come out and done the right thing. They gave anyone who is anyone the line and made them sign an agreement not to sell gray market. If your caught selling it you do not get your year end rebate and you could lose the line. If you want to point out a manufacturer who is doing it right. Than look at Kodak. Do you think the big guys stopped selling Kodak. Of course not. Any chance the salesreps can sell a more expensive item such as Kodak film over a generic they do so because its easier to be a million dollar sales rep. Kerr, Dentsply, 3M are pawns for the big guys and the dentists will move to great quality generics in the future. As far as FDA approved. I think its against the law to sell to a US dentist a non FDA approved product. Kerr is stating in its letter that 3 of its products that are FDA approved formulas are being sold to US dentists and are being made at a non FDA approved facility in Italy. I used to think that things made in Italy are better. Maybe in Italy they only make good suits and shoes but dental supplies are better made in Mexico where most of Kerr’s products are produced. GIVE ME A BREAK!!! Shame on Kerr and Dentsply. Dentsply is as bad because they cut off Safco which is a great company doing the right thing for the dentists. I have never heard of nor do I think there is any non FDA approved gray market products in the US. The current smear job goal is teaching the dentists not to trust the smaller dealers. Who do you think really cares the most about the dentists? The small guys have alot to prove and try harder. The bigger and fatter they get the less they care. ITS TRUE! Its not at all a level playing field and if they push too far there will be lawsuits against all of them. There already is a collection being taken by the smaller dealers to fund legal fees. This is America and we have the right to make a living. The people I know will fight until they are broke know matter if they win or lose and btw most of these small guys are millionaires and got that way working on small margins and bending over backwards for the dentists. I love a good fight for America and cant wait to see what happens next. I wonder if Sybron knows someone at the FDA? Im guessing even if they do nobody wants to put their neck out and take a chance of getting a mob like the dentists mad. We shall see. If you add up the customers that buy from these 5 companies it probably totals 30,000 thats enough dentists to carry momentum and show what is really going on and sway other dentists to follow away from the bigger dealers. An uneven playing field is never a good field to play on. Give everyone who deserves the lines a chance to continue to make a living. Thank you.

    Im not here to promote the gray market. Im just saying that its out there for 1/2 the price of the same one thats not gray market with little or no differance and I have never seen altered packages. I dont believe that many companies are stupid enough to alter lot numbers. I would never buy from a company that alters numbers or expiration dates. I really dont believe all that Kerr is saying about the 5 companies is true. I think its an easy smear job on the fastest growing internet dental suppliers. Check out their websites ask them about their policies. Ask for the owner. How many years in business? You will find the owners or managers are fairly good business people to genius. Ask for Paul Myers at Chicago dental supply. Try reaching the owner and getting your problems resolved quickly at one of mega dealers. I know is impressive. Make your own decision. Dont believe the hype and lies that are propagated by greedy companies and fake bloggers who have special interests. They are out there on these threads thicker than theives. Its never in any dentists interest to pay alot more for dental supplies no matter what many people will want you to think. Nothing bad will happen to you if you buy from any of these 5 named companies. They are the biggest and the best out of whats left after all the buyouts. Now that these guys are huge and rich they muscle around companies like Kerr then instead of buying out they are trying to step on the rest. Is that cool with you? Only if you have special interests like many bloggers on any dental message board. Thats why these things are not that popular. TOO MANY SPECIAL INTERESTS!! and BS turn off any smart dentist. Especially female dentists. This country should be all about giving a smaller guy a chance. God knows I have had my good luck breaks. If our children lose that opportunity because of greed and monopolies what type of country will we be? I do not want to argue with anyone nor be take the wrong way but many of the posters on dental threads are fakers and posers trying to do favors for friends or themselves. This is America the land of the free and home of the brave! It takes away freedoms when lies are told. Mud is slung and the whole messy greedy sha-bang is propped up like its something that its not just in order to intimidate the dentists into being afraid and paying more. Im just calling this letter what it really is. CRAP! Little if any of it is true I would not be suprised. Nothing more than a ramrod job on the little guy. The Dr. who ordered the supplies for Kerr has said he will not be envolved and he never ordered the supplies nor did he authorize or support Kerr.The dealers are passing out copies of this statement with the name and phone number of the supposed buyer. Whats this really over think about it IF ITS THE SAME product made at the same factory for 1/2 the price. Even if its an FDA approved formula made at a non-Fda approved facility. Do you think the non FDA facility is 3rd world? Most of your supplies come from China. Do you think it could be any worse? I will be happy to see the FDA state the law and have these companies follow it then I would buy stock in these 5 companies because even bad publicity is publicity when you are found innocent and do not do anything wrong and have alot to offer with good business model and or internet sites. Take the time to find out the truth.

  17. APOLLO said

    I would not have deleted my posts but I dont see an edit button. I would like to edit my comments please or have the ability to erase and retype. You are stating that you know that identity of someone based on loose info. You offer a delete option but repost deleted posts. The thread runs fine without those posts.

  18. Dental Insider said

    I would not have deleted my posts but I dont see an edit button.

    Not my choice…the blogger software only allows posting and deleting of comments.

    You are stating that you know that identity of someone based on loose info.
    Actually, I can give you way more information than you would ever need. I can tell your operating system and version, your browser and which version, screen resolution, etc So its not really loose information.


  19. Anonymous said

    Seems to me Apollo got caught in the rat trap. Now everyone can see your comments for what they really are. Thanks for the heads up DI. Nice try Paul.
    One thing I have learned in life. You may get away with a falsehood for a short while, but eventually it will catch up to you.
    I can almost hear the oops!

  20. the tooth doc said

    Trying to find proof that HSIC and PDCO are buying GRAY MARKET is irrelevant.

    These are the only facts that matter.


    Kerr manufactures products with two different packaging. One for the U.S. market, and one for international. For example, Optibond Solo comes in a blue bottle, called OPTIBOND SOLO S for International, and OPTIBOND SOLO in a white bottle for United States. THEY ARE IDENTICAL PRODUCTS.

    THEY HAVE THE SAME FDA 510K number


    THEY ARE MADE AT THE SAME Manufacturing plant.


    It is NOT illegal for a dental supply company to sell the Optibond Solo S in blue packaging to a licensed dentist in the U.S.

    FACT –

    It is NOT illegal for a dentist in the U.S. to use this product on his patient.

    FACT –
    There is absolutely NO added liability to the dentist for using these products.

    I am more than happy to discuss this issue with anyone. But if you dispute anything above, please come with proof. I have done the research.

  21. Anonymous said

    Tooth Doc,

    Congrats on the research. But here is some real fact not a bluff on what you want to believe to make yourself feel better about risking your practice to save $40.

    Here is a quote on the provision of the U.S. trademark law protecting against grey market product; “the provision prohibits importing “into the United States any merchandise of foreign manufacture if such merchandise . . . bears a trademark owned by a person or corporation domiciled in the United States””.

    So that handles the foolhearty belief that grey market product is not illegal. Now I ask, what court in the country would hold a company liable for product which has against their permission, and knowledge been imported into the country?

    For your patient’s sake I truly hope you never have a problem with the product you are ILLEGALLY buying. However, in the unlikely event that something does go wrong I hope your patient finds out about your unethical behavior and takes you to the bank for all you are worth. Sad that it examples have to be made to force people to do the right thing…

  22. Anonymous said

    Apples and oranges. Your both right, but you are talking about two totally different topics.

  23. the tooth doc said

    To Mr. “Anonymous”,

    A – We are talking about over $1,500.00 per month saved on supplies. Not $40.00.

    B – The law you are referring to is the “Tariff Act” and it is not relevant to this situation. That law was put in place to protect consumers from goods that are not of equal quality to the international manufactured counterpart. In the case of Grey in the U.S., the products are identical an in most cases manufactured in the U.S.A.

    C – You know this fact to be true incidentally, because A, you work for Kerr, and B, it has been going on in this country for over 60 years and there has not been one action, either civil or otherwise, ever documented against a distributor.

    If Gray were truly illegal it would have been stopped years ago, and the all the companies doing it would have been sued / and or shut down.

    If Kerr had a case they would do more than a “Citizens Petition”. The reason they chose this route is so they can –
    A, – show HSIC and PDCO that they are aware of the problem, and “doing something about it” and
    B – when doctors call and ask “Hey why is my Optibond Solo bottle Blue?” they have a website to direct them to.

    It is actually a brilliant move, but it won’t work.

  24. Anonymous said

    Tooth Doc,

    Mr. Anonymous here…sorry but some more bad news bud.

    A) How much revenue does your practice net a month. I am no gambling all star but most people wouldn’t be willing to wager losing that very large number to save the smaller $1500 you save.

    B)It makes me laugh how you interpret the written law to suit whatever ludicrous belief you want to delude yourself with. The contention with grey market product is that it IS POTENTIALLY NOT EQUAL IN QUALITY. Please rease carefully- it will be similar in the vast majority of cases- however it is not regulated and as such is risky. Your own language “in most cases”.

    C) Dead wrong- I do not work for Kerr. Sorry. Just because it hasn’t happened yet does not mean that it will not- or that it is not against the law. Segregation was common place and unchallenged for decades. Did that make it ok?

    New question for you Tooth Doc- do you inform your patients that you buy grey market materials? I mean if it is nothing to be ashamed of, or worried about I am sure you probably have an advertisement in your lobby. I am sure it goes on to explain why your fees are so much lower than the national average because you pass the savings along to the patient, right?

  25. Anonymous said

    Keep it going guy’s, I’ve got a bag of popcorn in the microwave.

    Actually this is an excellent discourse.


  26. APOLLO said

    The internet or discount dental suppliers care as much if not more about helping dentists grow their practice. By offering gray market and generic alternatives the dentists save as much as 70%. This is not pennies. A dentist will save approx 25-30% off their entire supply expense if they pick the right company. Example-name brand Triple trays that the big guys will push sell for $40. A good generic $10.98. Never seen a problem with the quality. The big companies sales rep would never want to switch a dentist to the generic if not asked about it for 2 reasons. First it’s harder to sell a million $ a year selling $10 items instead of $40 for the same item plus they have more loyalty/pressure to please the big manufacturers and will tell the dentist that they shouldnt take a chance with the generic or gray market and the dentist will sometimes believe that the sales rep is out for their best interest. Also anyone can sell a generic but only a few dealers can get the name brands example DENTSPLY. Gray market product Optibond solo sells for as little as $40 Name brand $90-$110. Generic equiv.$20. The generic is as good as the name brand in most cases and the grey market is guaranteed by the dealer to be the exact same formula so which would you buy? If a dentist spends $50,000 a year on supplies and saves 25% thats $12,500 for employee bonus or reinvest into the practice there is no more risk buying from one of these 5 companies than the big dealers.
    Name brand Surgical evacuators sell for $20 monoject brand. Generic sells for $4.50. Same peice of plastic, same shape and colors. I have about 100 more examples.

  27. kp said

    You act as if the big suppliers don’t have private label merch that is priced along with your generic.
    What do you really know about the doctor’s practice if you are on the telephone and do not get into the doctor’s office?

    I appreciate that you have your side/bias, but since we know that you own a private supplier, why not just call this what it is?? A commercial for your company?

    My margins on private label are twice the name brand, and I know who makes it (the same name brand companies) so your theory is not strong. I am happy to sell my docs more private label stuff, b/c I am getting paid more on it.

    Plus, tell me about your digital and technology partnerships? Who is the face of your company when the doctor has problems?? or is it just a voice and a label to have them spend the time to return product?

    Maybe you should just pay DI for advertising space on the blog.

  28. the tooth doc said

    Mr Anonymous,

    As I said earlier. The issue is not how a doctor runs his practice, or sets up his revenue structure. The question I bring to the table is whether or not selling goods with international packaging is illegal.

    It is not.

    And if you claim it is, then please prove it. Do all the “googling” you wish. You will find not ONE legistature, law, or suit that will help your argument.

    I will turn your question around on you. Since HSIC and PDCO both buy Gray, do you think THEY pass on their savings to the doctors?

    Of course not.

  29. Pink Panther said

    The Tooth Doc is 100% correct. Do you honestly think they have a different place in their werahouse making 2 different types of Impregum for example. Wouldn’t that cost a lot more $$$ to do… of course. When it comes off the plant line it all gets stamped with 3m labels some have German some have english,ect. they are all made by 3M & 3M makes $$$ to on”Grey Market”. These are the simple facts. Just like these maunufacturers make different housebrands for different companies. Mixing tips are a perfect example. Their is only 1 company in the USA that makes these & sends them out & then the manufacturers put their lable on it & so does the distributers. Wake up… MONEY is the root of all evil & if their were no way Kerr,Dentsply,3M,ect could make lots of $$$ their would be No “Grey Market”.
    Thank You

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