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DPR Ad Hits…..

Posted by dentalinsider on November 16, 2006

The ad taken out by the National Distribution & Contracting, Inc dental dealers came out this week in Dental Products Report. This ad is in response to Dentsply’s New U.S. Strategic Partnership Agreement that was announced on September 26, 2006. You can read more on the strategic partnership and the fallout in previous postings below.

September 2006

October 2006

Click here for the full size ad.



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2 Responses to “DPR Ad Hits…..”

  1. Anonymous said

    Bravo to the dealers for taking a stand and for voicing their opinion in a national publication. I am glad to see they are not just sitting back and “taking it”. They should take their voice to the consumer, the ultimate decision makers. Dealers with a 100 year relationship, being cut-off and treated like dirt. Yet another travesty carried out by Dentsply. Keep up the good work Parkway, Carolina, Mohawk and the rest of the independants that are mostly family owned and operated. By sticking together you will make it through. Many manufacturers, dentists, labs and other support you and your efforts. Great Job! Keep sticking it to them, but make sure to do it by taking their sales.

  2. Shawn said

    This same thing needs to be done on the lab side as well. I guess being a dominent lab dealer I should be the one to start this. If any other dealers out there would like to join me for an advertisment in LMT or JDT please email me at

    Another rumor to spread that I have heard from many manufacturers is that Sullivan Schein is looking at buying the old #3 lab dealer (Lincoln Dental). I state them as the old #3 since Darby was #2 then they were bought out by Schein now it looks like it’s Lincoln’s turn. I guess their thoughts are if you can’t beat them, buy them.

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