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Health Sonics Suspends Production

Posted by dentalinsider on November 13, 2006

Ultrasonic cleaner manufacturer, Health Sonics, has suspended production of their ultrasonic units. It appears that they will be relocating the company. They anticipate they will be able to ship units some time in late March 2007. Until then, they will no longer accept orders for ultrasonic units. Orders for accessories, solutions, baskets will continue to be filled without interruption. Repairs parts will be based on availability. Contact customer service 800-342-3096 for assistance. Their website appears to be down at the time of this writing.


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2 Responses to “Health Sonics Suspends Production”

  1. Anonymous said

    I think Healthsonics is owned by Young Innovations.

    “During the first quarter of 2004, YI Ventures LLC (a wholly owned subsidiary) acquired Healthsonics Corporation for $1,500. Healthsonics manufactures
    ultrasonic cleaning systems.”

  2. Dental Insider said

    I beleive you are correct but the press release came from Health Sonics Corp in Livermore, California.


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